Webroot expands Kaseya relationship with new strategic partnership

The expanded relationship between the two companies leverages Webroot’s Unity API, which they rolled out last year, and which is designed specifically for MSPs.

Broomfield CO-based endpoint security vendor Webroot has announced a strategic partnership with remote management and monitoring software provider Kaseya. The partnership extends this integration agreement that the two companies entered into last year.

“We feel this is a very significant step forward for us,” said George Anderson, Webroot’s Director of Product Marketing. “Since we first came into the MSP space, we have built up a significant presence, and have a strong focus on the marketplace. Twice as many MSPs in the top 500 use us, as compared to any other endpoint security vendor. This agreement is both a culmination of us coming of age, and Kaseya recognizing that we are a significant player in this space.”

The integration between Webroot and Kaseya last spring was the first formal collaboration between the two companies. Since then, Webroot significantly upgraded its capability to work easily with MSPS with the release of their Unity API, which is aimed specifically at the MSP market. Its representational state transfer (REST) architecture enables administrators to only have to set up their secure credentials once to authenticate connection. That enables MSPs to easily extract data from their consoles as desired. It also allows administrators to access additional Webroot endpoint data and services

“We realized that we can’t build everything specifically for everybody, and the Unity API makes us a service enabler,” Anderson said.

The new Webroot Kaseya Module goes beyond the earlier integration by providing access to the Unity API, as well as support for Apple products. The Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is tightly integrated as a module into Kaseya VSA, the company’s IT management platform, as the Webroot Kaseya Module.

“The integration overall is also built in to a deeper level,” Anderson said. “Before, Kaseya was an integration partner of Webroot, and now they are a strategic partner.”

While the deal is significant for both companies, it is exclusive to neither.

“The only company we have a unique relationship with is Continuum,” Anderson said. “Kaseya is  important because they are so large, and because they also do business with a lot of larger MSPs. But, we have other important relationships with RMM providers, such as Labtech/ConnectWise.”

Anderson also acknowledged that Kaseya has multiple other endpoint security partnerships.

“It’s the nature of the RMM industry to give the MSPs choice, and Kaseya has to give their partners choices,” he said. “We are not their only endpoint security partner. But we are fairly unique in what we do. In addition to stopping almost all the malware – no one gets 100 per cent – we are very simple to deploy and manage, which some of the newer solutions are not. We are also more than an anti-malware solution. We are a full endpoint protection solution as well as detection and elimination of malware.”

The Webroot Kaseya Module is now available for the Kaseya VSA platform directly from Kaseya through their Kaseya Automation Exchange marketplace.