RMM provider Pulseway adds NOC to services

Pulseway, which offers cloud-based RMM services with a focus on the needs of mobile users, has been intensifying its MSP business over the last year, and adds to that with new NOC services for that market.

Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s CEO and founder

Mobility-focused monitoring and management (RMM) cloud provider Pulseway has added an important new service to its offerings. Its new network operations center (NOC) service lets MSPs offer their customers 24×7 monitoring and management coverage.

Pulseway, which is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, differentiates its cloud-based offering by being designed with a focus on mobile devices. They have customers in over 80 countries, although most of them are in the U.S. Their customer base has been a mix of small businesses and MSPs historically. However last August they intensified their cloud push with the launch of Pulseway MSP, a version of their solution specifically built for MSPs. This new set of services is specifically designed for the MSP market as well.

“We have been constantly talking to MSPs about things they would like to see as we add more and more to our platform,” said Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s CEO and founder. “Over the last few months, we have been working to build a specialist team around this service.”

Mihalec acknowledged that some MSPs are already providing this service to their customers, but believes that offering Pulseway’s service instead will help them make more money.

“They can better use their resources for high value projects rather than on 24-7 monitoring,” he said. “In addition, this allows them to meet the needs of new customers without having to scale up and hire more staff.”

Pulseway offers two levels of NOC services, Entry Level and Advanced.

“With the Entry level monitoring service, the Pulseway team will receive critical alerts, filter out the false alerts, and notify customers if they see something significant,” Mihalec said. “We also filter out low priority issues, and report only the mission-critical things.” The service includes 24×7 monitoring of all devices, notification through phone, email and SMS, both scheduled and ad hoc, as well as new customer on-boarding.

Whereas the Entry level is all about Monitoring, the Advanced Offering adds a management capability.

“With Advanced, a Pulseway NOC engineer will also resolve an issue, according to plans determined in advance with the customer,” Mihalec said. “It is all designed to be very transparent. In addition to all the monitoring services offered at the Entry level, the Advanced service offers access to a Technical Service Desk to assign tasks, such as creating user accounts, adjusting permissions, resetting user passwords, and adding printers and printer queues.

Mihalec emphasized that these NOC engineers work for Pulseway, and are not outsourced.

“We are very proud to offer it ourselves – not using a third party – so we can take pride in the quality of the service,” he said.

Pulseway will offer customized versions of these plans to their MSPs, if requested.

“We have discussed this with our MSP customers, and have taken their views into consideration,” Mihalec said. “Some of them will not want a full 24×7 service, but just one covering their off-hours during the workweek, as well as the weekend. We will cater the service to their requirements.”

Mihalec said that the price differential between the Entry and Advanced “is not a big jump. Despite this, he expects that at the beginning, most of the end users who purchase the service will buy the Entry level one.

“Most will start with monitoring, and some of these who like the service will then move up to Advanced,” he said.