Cloud disti Pax8 to bring DataMAPt monitoring service to distribution

DataMAPt offers a cloud-based RMM solution aimed at SMBs which offers flexible coverage, extreme ease of use, and very low pricing for the industry.

Ryan Walsh Headshot

Ryan Walsh, senior vice president of Partner Solutions at Pax8

Lone Tree CO-based cloud distributor Pax8 has signed an exclusive deal to bring Monument CO-based DataMAPt’s SMB-focused cloud-based, agentless and highly flexible network monitoring service to their MSP and VAR partners. It is DataMAPt’s first distribution agreement.

DataMAPt is a relative latecomer to the RMM industry, having started up in 2010 with a monitoring service designed to provide single pane-of-glass efficiency in any environment. They also do so at rock-bottom per-object pricing.

“They are a born-in-the-cloud RMM and agentless, which fit our model of looking for innovative products,” said Ryan Walsh, senior vice president of Partner Solutions at Pax8. “We believe they are an example of how a cloud-focused portfolio can really benefit a channel community.”

While there is certainly no shortage of providers in the RMM space, Walsh said that DataMAPt has some features which stand out from the crowd.

“They have exceptional ease of use and buy-and-bill attributes that we really like,” he said. “Their charge by usage really is based on usage. You only pay for what you use. The fact that they are agentless makes deployment very easy. The channel will like that combination of built-for-the-cloud, channel-centric, and ease of use.”

Pax8 became aware of DataMAPt because Pax8’s founder, John Street, a serial entrepreneur involved with several businesses in the past, had earlier done business with DataMAPt CEO Chris Gilliam.

“A high degree of trust is always important with a cloud-based product, so this personal relationship was important,” Walsh said. “Some of our most valued partners had also come across them and vouched for them. When we engaged with them, we found that they were real easy to do business with.”

DataMAPt is committed to a channel model, and sell direct only when they don’t have a partner in a specific geo. Their handicap in growing their business was that their original partner base was largely concentrated in their home state of Colorado. Signing on with Pax8 is one way to accelerate their growth across all of North America.

On its own, DataMAPt’s primary focus was signing up VAR partners rather than MSPs, believing that most MSPs have long and deep relationship with established RMM players, and that VARs would be more attracted to the innovative features of their offering.

“We don’t see any reason why MSPs wouldn’t be interested in utilizing their product,” Walsh said. “MSPs today typically handle multiple solutions. Our partner channel includes both MSPs and VARs and we see DataMAPt’s offering as applicable to MSPs as much as it is to VARs.”

As they build out their own business. Pax8 has been focusing on working with a single vendor in each area, something that Walsh said is an effective strategy in the short and medium term.

“This is our first monitoring vendor,” he said. “We want to make sure we have a unique product offering, which is why we aren’t doubling up. Longer term, I envision that we will expand our roster in the monitoring space, as we will in all of the areas we cover.”

DataMAPt’s solution is also highly compatible with Pax8 Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform provider ProfitBricks, a German company whose software-defined infrastructure makes it easy for Pax8 partners to design, customize, provision, and manage virtual environments.

“DataMAPt works well with our infrastructure provider ProfitBricks, which is a major plus,” Walsh said.