HP Inc. brings thin client to workstation gunfight

The new HP T730 Thin Client is a performance machine can support four UHD/4k displays natively, and six displays with an optional AMD FirePro discrete graphics card, to deliver what for the moment is a unique product in the market.

HP t730 300NEW YORK CITY – HP Inc. had a major press event in New York City this week, at which the company unveiled a brand new power workstation, HP ZBook Studio, the first quad core workstation Ultrabook to hit the market, as well as several supporting workstation announcements. However, they also announced The HP T730 Thin Client. Like the new workstation, the new thin client also has quad-core processing power, although unlike the Intel-based workstation, its power comes from AMD.

“It might seem a little odd that we are bringing a thin client to a workstation gunfight,” said Jeff Groudan, Worldwide director, Thin Client Marketing, Personal Systems Business at HP Inc. “But it really makes sense in many ways. Like the new workstation, the new HP T730 is a performance machine. It fits very well with the theme of the workstation launch.”

Groudan acknowledged that the idea of a power thin client is a relatively new one, but said that it is an idea whose time has come.

“Ten years ago, thin clients were very task worker oriented, but as more applications have come from the cloud, new applications like VDI let you access a full virtual PC,” he said. “Now high performance sectors like oil and gas, financial services and digital media are asking for more performance from their thin clients.”

The trick that HP has pulled off here to respond to this demand is combining their new innovations in workstations together with their cloud-client technology, in order to produce a thin client that can easily handle virtual workstation use cases.

“Having the thin client and workstation business in one business unit means that you share best practices and technology,” Groudan said. “We can bring best the best of thin clients and the best of workstations together in this one product. There is nothing like it in the industry to serve this use case.”

The result is a thin client that can provide extreme support for multiple UHD/4k displays.

“The HP t730 supports four of these displays natively, and a total of six displays through a graphics card breakthrough,” Groudan said, referring to an optional AMD FirePro discrete graphics card. “There is nothing else like that in the market.”

The multimedia translates into 8,294,400 total pixels. In addition, the AMD R-Series quad-core APU with Turbo Core technology accelerates CPU performance up to 3.6 GHz to run demanding workstation-class apps, and render high-frame rate video to connected displays.

The HP t730 comes ready to deploy out of the box with HP Thin Client management and user experience software, including HP Device Manager, HP True Graphics, HP Velocity, HP Easy Shell, HP Remote Graphics, and Unified Communications support. Operating system options include a choice of the Linux-based HP ThinPro OS, HP Smart Zero Core experience, Windows Embedded Standard 7, or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

The HP t730 is scheduled for worldwide availability in December 2015. Estimated starting price is $USD $599.