Veritas Canadian leadership team for post-Symantec divorce now in place

Symantec’s Canadian GM, Sean Forkan, moves over to run Veritas in Canada – as well as the central U.S. Two other Symantec Canada execs join him in the move. All three are currently in their new roles, even though the two companies are still one. The new post-split leadership for Symantec in Canada has also been announced.

Sean Forkan Veritas 300

Sean Forkan, now Vice President Central United States and Canada for Veritas

The actual split of Symantec into separate security and storage arms still lies ahead, with no date of separation yet determined. However, the leadership team that will guide Veritas Technologies Corporation after the split is in place. The big news here is that Sean Forkan, who was previously Symantec’s Canadian vice president and general manager, has moved over to the storage side. The new Symantec leadership team in Canada has also been identified.

Forkan, who joined Symantec in 2012 after previously having held senior sales roles at Oracle and Cisco, will also have some U.S. responsibilities in his new role. He becomes Vice President Central United States and Canada for Veritas. While he isn’t a long term storage guy, Symantec has indicated that he was picked for what is essentially a promotion, because of the added U.S. responsibilities, as a result of his performance in leading Symantec’s sales and operations through a series of complex business transformations during Symantec’s unsettled period since Forkan joined.

Steve Scharien Veritas 300

Steve Scharien, Veritas Canada’s Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales

Two other Veritas senior executives have also been named, both of whom, like Forkan, were previously Symantec employees. Steve Scharien, Veritas’s Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales, will lead the account sales team in Canada. He had previously been Symantec’s western Canada sales manager. Brian Mead, will be Senior Manager, Solution SE, responsible for the solution system engineers that support the sales team. Mead had most recently been Symantec Canada’s National Manager, Enterprise Security, Technical Sales and Services.

The new leadership team of Symantec in Canada has now been made public as well. Ron Ross is now the country manager for Symantec in Canada, Stefano Tiranardi is the TSS (Technical Sales and Services) leader and Richard Ruggiero is responsible for the eastern US and Canada.

Brian Mead Symantec 300

Brian Mead, Senior Manager, Solution SE at Veritas Canada

Symantec had earlier indicated that the plan was for the split to be official, with the two companies trading separately, by January 4, 2016. No updates have been provided as to whether that is still the tentative date. However, it has been indicated that the new Veritas leadership team in Canada has transitioned to their new roles already.