Intronis stresses better user experience with Summer Release ‘15

A new dashboard provides a macro-level view that did not exist before, and a new Executive Summary report generator provides customers with brandable and customizable snapshots which demonstrate the MSP’s value.

Chris_Crellin Acronis 300

Chris Crellin, VP of product management at Intronis

Backup and data protection vendor Intronis has announced the Summer Release ‘15 of its Intronis ECHOplatform. While recent releases have focused on facilitating a new pricing model and on improving imaging, the theme this time is about improving the user experience, for both Intronis’ MSP partners and their end customers.

“Our goal here is simplifying the MSP experience, and making sure they can be as profitable as they can be with our product,” said Chris Crellin, VP of product management at Intronis.

The changes fall into two buckets. First, in response to partner feedback and suggestions, the dashboard has been replaced with a new one that is designed to be easier to use while providing more information than before. Secondly, while the dashboard impacts the MSPs directly, the other change, a new Executive Summary reporting tool, helps the MSPs indirectly by providing their customers with information presented to show the value that the MSP provides.

Dashboard Screen Shot 500

The new Intronis dashboard

“Our goal for the dashboard was to simplify the user experience quite a bit, to make sure the most relevant information would bubble to the top,” Crellin said.

The dashboard now has an overview which shows the entire Intronis ECHOplatform portfolio in a single interface.

“There was no macro-level view prior to this, where you could see how whole environment was looking,” Crellin noted. “You can also now drill down into the status of existing customers with a click, and take action. Before, the dashboard had a list of actions, which were often older. With the changes, you can now see exactly what the error is.”

The dashboard is fully customizable, with new filtering options presenting the data the MSP determines to be most critical.

“It can look the way the MSP wants it to look,” Crellin said.

The change to the reporting is a new automated Executive Summary report generator.

“This executive summary is entirely new, and did not exist at all before,” Crellin said. “It provides nice clean cut reports on all aspects of the customers’ environments that the MSP can send on to them to show the MSP’s value. It gives them a useful overall snapshot of their environment.”

Intronis Reports Mockup 10R

The new Executive Summary report template

Like the dashboard, the reports are also completely configurable by the MSP. In addition, they are brandable, so the reports go out with the MSP’s name on them.

Crellin offered a sneak preview of what’s coming next from Intronis.

“We will be focusing on performance with imaging going forward, and you will see that coming soon,” he said.

The Intronis ECHOplatform Summer Release ’15 is being rolled out in phases to existing Intronis partners over the next 45 days.