Cloud enhancements highlight five new Datto product enhancements

These include a ‘born in the cloud’ router, a sync and share partnership with ownCloud, a new Backupify for Office 365 solution, a new Linux agent and an enhanced partner portal.

Ian McChord 300

Ian McChord, Director of Product Management at Datto

Today at their annual partner conference in New Orleans, data protection vendor Datto is announcing a series of new and enhanced product enhancements designed to expand their capabilities, particularly around new cloud backup capabilities.

“Today we have 8000 channel partners and we have helped them make over a quarter billion in revenue in the last 24 months,” said Ian McChord, Director of Product Management at Datto. “Our private cloud is now 140 petabytes, and we do a million backups per week. These new enhancements are to indicate that we don’t want to be just a niche player. We want to be able to back up everything, and there is a particular focus on new capabilities for cloud SaaS.”

The cloud capabilities begin with the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) Router, a “born in the cloud” router purpose-built for MSPs, which is scheduled for general availability this fall.

“It is a completely web-managed router, which is extremely simple to configure and use,” McChord said. “It manages and configures systems remotely and has a 4G failover capacity in case the Internet server goes down.

“This provides smaller businesses with a cloud router tailored for them, which they didn’t have before,” he added. “We added automated rollback of policy and other things to make it work in the cloud, and we have a patent pending on the rollback technology.”

Datto also announced a new partnership with with ownCloud, which makes open-source enterprise file sync and share software, to offer secure file sync and share capabilities on all new and existing Datto SIRIS 1 and Datto SIRIS 2 devices. Data is stored on the SIRIS device in their local infrastructure with a backup copy in the Datto Cloud.

“Securing this deal with ownCloud lets us deploy our ownCloud instances,” McChord said.

Datto also announced Datto Backupify for Office 365, a new solution from cloud-to-cloud backup vendor Backupfiy, which they acquired in December 2014.

“Datto Backupify for Office 365 lets MSPs offer secure cloud-to-cloud backup protection for Office 365,” McChord said. It joins Backupify products for Google Apps, Salesforce and other SaaS applications, and is available now.

Datto is introducing a new Linux Agent, which is also available now, and which supports Linux-based environments in addition to Windows.

“There’s almost no good Linux-based image out there today, and those that are good are grossly overpriced,” McChord said. “That’s a really big market.”

He indicated Datto has been developing this for over a year.

“We looked for partners to do an OEM deal, and we couldn’t find any, so we found some talent instead, and developed our own, and have open sourced the kernel driver for it,” McChord added.  “It has feature parity with our Windows agent.” This includes persistent incremental backups, integrated storage, cloud replication, individual file restores and instant local virtualization.

“We support all the major Linux flavours as well,” McChord noted. MSPs can use their existing Datto devices to extend protection to Linux.

MSPs working with Datto can use their existing Datto devices to extend protection to Linux.

Finally, Datto has announced an upgrade to their Partner Portal, which is scheduled to be available this fall.

“The portal will now manage all Datto solutions in one place,” McChord said. “We are also adding a new event feed, with a suggested solution path, which will make management that much faster by resolving problems more quickly.”