Cloud PSA software provider Vorex signs first RMM vendor alliance with Naverisk

Vorex is broadening out from a direct sales model to enlisting a channel, signing up MSPs and VARs directly, and launching the first of what they intend will be multiple partnerships with RMM vendors.

Stu Selbst - VOREX COO 2015 250

Stuart Selbst, Vorex’s COO

Dallas-based Vorex, which makes professional services automation (PSA) software for SMBs, has launched its first strategic alliance with a RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) provider, Naverisk.

Vorex offers multiple functionality, including project management, billing and invoicing, CRM, and service desk support, with the latter being the most recent, It was added to their offerings last April after going from concept to deliverable in less than a year.

Vorex goes head to head against much larger companies like Autotask and Tigerpaw, and competes by having a product that is very easy to use, and less expensive.

“A huge differentiator for us is simplicity,” said Stuart Selbst, Vorex’s COO. “Our product is designed for the novice business owner and is simple to get into and get working. It is very functional, and we provide customization. It can be up and running and fully functioning in less than a week.”

Price is an issue for SMB customers, and Vorex’s bundles are priced for that market.

“When a line of business app affects your bottom line, there is something wrong there,” Selbst said, “We are priced to be affordable to that market.

“We are definitely stronger on the S part of the SMB, but we do scale,” Selbst added. “We are 100 per cent cloud based, so scalability is unlimited. We can cover anything from a one person shop to a 100,000 person organization.”

Vorex started out selling direct only, and for most of its history, MSPs were not a part of its go-to-market strategy. Now, however, they are building a channel component into their model, which includes both reselling and referral partners.

“We have partners now, and are working on a reseller program, which includes private and white label services,” Selbst said. “Partners will register deals with us so our direct sales don’t compete with them. We are hoping to launch it in Q4 of this year or Q1 of next year.” Partners are mainly MSPs, but also include some VARs.

Partner support is available now, in advance of the program, however.

“Training partners is a priority for us, and we offer training, including how to sell the product,” Selbst said. “That is available today to them if they sign up.”

Selbst said they also don’t slap additional costs on their MSPs, unlike many of their competitors.

“I was an MSP myself, and I know how invoicing throttles their cash flow and hurts their business,” he said. “Our competitors are big and bulky and expensive, and getting custom things from them costs money. We won’t nickel and dime our partners to death.”

Selbst also strongly recommended that their MSPs use Vorex’s PSA technology themselves to help run their business.

“We don’t tell our clients how to run their business, but PSA really should be the first tool they get to run a service-based business,” he said. “Most MSPs aren’t in the business of building technology, but supporting technology. PSA is strategic software that empowers MSPs to build a better business by getting to know more about their business. Successful MSPs use a PSA solution to track and measure everything.”

The Naverisk partnership is a key part of Vorex’s channel strategy. The integration of Naverisk’s unified RMM and Service Desk platform and Vorex’s PSA is intended to put Vorex technology in the hands of more MSPs.

“We chose Naverisk as our first RMM partner in part because of personal relationships, because of a great relationship with their CEO.” Selbst said. “In addition, like us, they are also small, but have a global footprint, and the opportunity is there to build market opportunities on a global basis. The integration was pretty simple and the relationship is solid.”

Selbst said they won’t be inking other RMM deals immediately, because they want to see how this first one goes, but they do plan to sign with other RMM vendors this year, and it is a key part of their channels strategy.

“We do have others on our roadmap we are talking to,” he said. “We have grandiose plans for this year with a lot of integration and a lot of partnerships coming down the pike.”