N-able expands Arcserve relationship with Arcserve UDP

N-able expands on its relationship with arcserve to carry the arcserve next-gen UDP solution for the first time, which is branded as N-able Backup Manager UDP.

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J.P. Jauvin, N-able’s GM

Ottawa-based N-able by SolarWinds, which makes remote monitoring and management (RMM) and service automation software, has announced the addition of arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) to its solution portfolio.

N-able had a previous working relationship with arcserve, which dates back several years, before N-able was acquired by Solarwinds and established as a separate business unit, and before arcserve was spun out of CA technologies as a separate company.

“Arcserve D2D was one of the offerings in our ecosystem of third party backup solutions,” said J.P. Jauvin, N-able’s GM. That relationship was, however, limited to arcserve D2D, a disk-based backup solution product which was launched with arcserve r15 in 2010. It was just one of three arcserve products, with the legacy arcserve and arcserve RHA [Replication and High Availability] being the other two. All three of these products were consolidated into the next-generation arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) solution in May of this year, two months before arcserve became a separate company. So this is the first time that N-able has had access to all of arcserve’s technology and capabilities.

Jauvin indicated that N-able had been collaborating with arcserve on the UDP solution to ensure that it was optimized for the managed services market.

“We have been working with arcserve in terms of the roadmap, to ensure the requirements reflecting the needs of the MSP community were met,” he said.

“The arcserve UDP feature set is extremely complete, and is ideal for MSPs looking for one product offering that will work everywhere, from the most complex environments to the simplest,” said Bryan Zimmerman, product manager at N-able. “That is a key differentiator for them.”

Zimmerman also stressed that arcserve UDP has high-efficiencys features that will save N-able’s MSP partners money.

“The biggest improvement to the value proposition that was introduced with UDP, is that while maintaining excellence in image-based backup that started in D2D, they have added the ability to do global deduplication, which is image based, global, and source-side. This results in savings on both storage and bandwidth to the data centre, and gives MSPs who are running storage for their customers a huge advantage over those who don’t have this capability.”

Like many in the industry, N-able thinks that arcserve is well positioned to thrive as a separate company, as they were constrained as part of CA Technologies, where the arcserve backup product, which was originally SMB-focused, was an odd fit in an enterprise software management company.

“Now that arcserve is spun off, it gives them much greater capacity to execute on their vision,” Jauvin said.

The N-able offering, through their N-central RMM, is branded as N-able Backup Manager UDP. It provides backup, replication, high availability and true global deduplication within a single pane of glass for management. It also minimizes storage of any duplicate data by ensuring that the common files between multiple customer sites are only stored once, to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption.

Going forward, Jauvin said that N-able will be able to provide MSP partners with superior resources than had been the case before their acquisition.

“Solarwinds aggressively acquires companies, most of which are quickly integrated, but the N-able customer base was fairly unique, so we operate semi-autonomously to focus on the needs of our MSP partner base,” he said. “It gives us a greater ability to execute on our original vision, while working for a large multinational company provides us with access to multitude of resources and technology that we never had as part of a small private company. Our customers are very pleased with the outcome.”