Salesforce Looks to Unify Cloud File-Sharing

Hybrid CloudsMoving business data to the cloud has given organizations unprecedented levels of storage capacity and ubiquitous access to information, but it has also introduced a few headaches. Files spread across disparate services like SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive can make it difficult to share and collaborate on projects through a unified platform. Inc. this week is taking the wraps off an enterprise file-sharing system that eases the pain and complexity in cloud data storage by allowing users connect any file from any service with sales, service, marketing and other business processes from any device. Salesforce Files, formerly code-named Chatterbox, is in private beta and promises to help companies unlock files from third-party repositories and make them mobile and social, all within’s single, trusted platform.

“Employees use a patchwork of disconnected file repositories trying to get work done,” said Nasi Jazayeri, the Salesforce EVP and GM overseeing the unit delivering the new service. “Salesforce Files changes the game for our customers because they can now connect any file, no matter where it is stored, to their businesses.”

Salesforce officials say enabling mobile access and putting files in a social feed will allow users to find files — customer presentations, FAQs, pricing and product specifications and the like — and advance business processes without navigating multiple disconnected repositories to find information. The source files remain stored in their native repository, while Salesforce Files monitors and enforces all related access controls to ensure only employees authorized to view and share a file can access it through the Salesforce platform.

DenMat Holdings LLC, a health care clinical and practice management solutions provider in Lompc, Calif., was an early member of the Salesforce Files beta program and has found the service valuable in accelerating product development and sales.

“The speed of innovation in the healthcare arena is picking up dramatically,” said vice president of IT Jonathan Green. “DenMat’s adoption of Salesforce Files allows us to ensure that our customers, our employees and our partners all have access to the right file, at the right time in a highly secure and scalable manner. We can now spend more time innovating on new technologies and growing our business.”

Salesforce Files is currently available in private beta. Pricing will be announced at the time of general availability, company officials said.