Liveblog: Roskill and Turner put a bow on WPC 2012 keynotes

Microsoft channel chief Jon Roskill

Microsoft channel chief Jon Roskill

TORONTO – You’d be hard-pressed to find two executives more different in style, tone, and volume level than Microsoft channel chief Jon Roskill and chief operating officer Kevin Turner.

And yet, that’s precisely the lineup Wednesday morning, as Microsoft’s collected and thoughtful channel chief leads things off, followed by Turner, who in recent years has made his name as a public speaker on out-Ballmering Steve Ballmer.

Roskill’s agenda: an update on the Microsoft Partner Network as it reaches its second anniversary, including the company’s “tweaks” to the program heading into its “biggest launch year ever.”

Turner’s agenda: The same as every year at WPC, expect the COO to deliver a sharp-witted teardown on the company’s competitors.

And of course, I’ll be liveblogging it all here.

Expect the liveblog to start updating at around 9:00 am, as things get underway at the ACC.