New Year’s Podcast Series: HP Canada’s John Cammalleri

John Cammalleri

HP Canada PSG channel and SMB chief John Cammalleri

Let’s put this in the most diplomatic terms possible: 2011 was an interesting year for HP.

If business growth were the only measurement, it would have been considered a good year. Maybe even a great one. But there was a whole lot else going on at HP last year. The company started the year with a new CEO, Léo Apotheker, and what appeared to be a new vision. And then came a summer of confusion for HP partners, as the company signaled it intended to sell off its Personal Systems Group, the world’s largest PC business.

Fortunately, new new CEO Meg Whitman put the brakes on that poorly-communicated idea, and decided to keep PSG in the fold, only for the year to end with questions facing PC makers around the world as a result of the horrific flooding in Thailand later in the year.

Amidst all this turmoil, HP Canada’s John Cammalleri had a slight shift in role, from the company’s de facto channel chief to the head of channels and SMB business for its Personal Systems Group. And it’s in that new capacity that John joins us for the second edition of the New Year’s Podcast Series, taking a look at the roller coaster that was 2011 as well as what HP expects from the new year.

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