QuickVid: New Cisco channel chief to drive partner technology evangelism

For Cisco’s Partner Led strategy to work, it needs a channel that not only understands, but truly evangelizes, its technologies, says new Cisco Canada channel chief Michael Ansley.

And with his own background on the technology side – along with speaking passionately about a number of the company’s architectural offerings, Ansley’s background includes most recently leading Cisco Canada’s solutions group – he feels he’s in a unique position to make sure partners are well-enabled and downright excited about Cisco’s portfolio.

Check out the video below to get Ansley’s thoughts on why it’s important to have a channel that really believes in Cisco’s technology, particularly as it puts a heavy investment behind the Partner Led sales strategy.


Also check back in later this week on ChannelBuzz.ca, when we’ll have much more from my meeting with Ansley. We discuss top opportunities, where Cisco has to do better for its partners, and much more.