Sean Campbell, director, Canadian Channels, Fortinet

Reimagining the security platform – is an opportunity

The landscape of security products is a complex one with new technologies and new companies appearing faster than ever before. But Sean Campbell of Fortinet Canada has some thoughts on how partners can find opportunities in offering their customers a new approach to security.

Helping your customers shift to a more proactive approach against ransomware

Ransomware is exploding and almost every business is concerned about the risks of this type of attack. In this guest blog, Fortinet’s Sean Campbell offers his thoughts on how solutions providers can help their customers solve this consistent challenge.

Why AI should be at the top of your clients’ security wish lists

Sean Campbell, director of Canadian chnnels at Fortinet, offers his thoughts on why AI and ML are key components to your customers’ security strategies in 2021.Anyone who has been around the industry long enough knows we’ve made leaps and bounds when it comes to cybersecurity technology. That doesn’t mean the work has become easier.  Managing…