Hitachi Vantara launches Virtual Storage Platform One hybrid cloud platform

In addition to the Virtual Storage Platform One launch, Hitachi Vantara has announced its inaugural Sustainability Report.

Marcel Escorcio, Vice President of Americas International at Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara, the data storage, infrastructure, and hybrid cloud management subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd, has announced the availability of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One. This hybrid cloud platform was announced earlier, and file and software defined components are available now.

“VSP One is a game changer of simplification in the storage marketplace,” said Marcel Escorcio, Vice President of Americas International at Hitachi Vantara. The Virtual Storage Platform One provides the Data Foundation for Unified Hybrid Cloud Storage. The solution offers one platform for all data, eliminating silos and providing efficiencies, performance and high availability to all applications and workloads.”

Escorcio said that the new platform is a reflection of the increasing complexity of the marketplace.

“Everything has to be about our customers,” he stated. “We have always been a data first company, and as the market moves from data centre to cloud and now hybrid, we are in a position to solve all of these problems. With hybrid, not all data is the same, and there are increased problems with scalability.”

Accordingly, the need for a comprehensive data management solution across all data types has never been more critical. Results from a recent TDWI Data Management Maturity Assessment [DMMA] found while 71% of IT experts agreed that their organization values data, only 19% said a strong data management strategy was in place. Complicating matters is that rising cyberattacks have business leaders increasingly worried about security and resiliency. A recent survey showed 68% of IT leaders are concerned their organization’s data infrastructure is resilient enough.

“Our VSP One strategy, with one enterprise grade platform for all data, was launched last fall to address this,” Escorcio said. Powered by Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), Virtual Storage Platform One ensures every piece of information is collected, integrated, and accessible from any device or location, making it easier to access, view, and fuel their business, while integrating block and file storage, and eliminating data silos and fragmented landscapes. “This launch was around components – and software defined – and there will be additional announcements.”

In addition to the VSP One platform, Hitachi has announced its inaugural Sustainability Report, showcasing the company’s commitment to making sustainability a key foundation of its data infrastructure portfolio and demonstrating its ongoing dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

“We don’t take sustainability lightly,” Escorsio stated. “For Earth Day, we announced a sustainability report.” It covers initiatives undertaken prior to the reorganization in fiscal year 2023 and provides insights into current practices and objectives. Hitachi Vantara also set goals of enhancing its ESG performance, and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to sustainability leadership. These include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by becoming Carbon Neutral in Scope 1 (direct emissions) and 2 (indirect emissions) by FY2030. They also include achieving a 30% ratio of female people leaders by FY2030, and maturing the company’s Cybersecurity Framework, Controls, and Assurance Management by FY2025 to strengthen security practices and the protection of customer information. Their Netherlands distribution center’s on-site solar panels produce roughly one third of its annual electricity consumption, with the remainder derived renewably from verified Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

“Customers ask us to help simplify things, around different lifecycles,” Escorsio said. “Their hands are going up for help. We can create one platform for all data where all you have to worry about is your application. That one data play is a key differentiator for is. No one else can do that today. Nobody else offers a similar solution. We have 100% data viability for both block and file. Object store will be coming in the future. If it was easy, everyone would have done it already.”