Adaptive Shield launches new partner program for expanding SSPM market

As the SaaS Security Posture Management has grown significantly, and Adaptive Shield’s out-of-the-box SaaS integrations have multiplied exponentially, and will be on display at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week.

Maor Bin, Adaptive Shield’s CEO and co-founder

SaaS application security startup Adaptive Shield, an Israeli startup which launched in 2020, has launched the Adaptive Shield Fast Forward Partner Program, which is designed to accelerate channel-led growth and deliver the SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) technology that is the focus of the Adaptive Shield solution.

That technology addresses configuration errors in more than 150 out-of-the-box SaaS integrations with leading business applications, in order to allow organizations to control and manage the security of their entire SaaS stack. Adaptive Shield connects SaaS applications, retrieves global settings and user privileges and looks for loopholes against vendor best practices, and security frameworks. Adaptive also automates the entire security operation, including the discovery of SaaS app security misconfigurations, and provides continuous monitoring and alerts to protect against any changes that might introduce a risk.

“At the end of the day, more than four years later, our core is still the same,” said Maor Bin, Adaptive Shield’s CEO and co-founder. “We keep adding more capabilities due to market demand, but our basic premise of protecting SaaS applications across the board has not changed. We have added major changes like identity threat detection in addition to SSPM, so that technology analysts now mark us as an SaaS security leader.”

There was a channel program in place before, but it has been significantly upgraded.

“The new program reflects the fact that we now rely more on channels,” Bin stated. “You need all the help you can get, so now we have doubled down.”

It also reflects the fact that the program has been upgraded to accommodate its growth.

“It’s like product management,” Bin said. “A product that was a fit for 100 customers needs to be improved for 250 and 500 customers.

“We sell to the enterprise, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 market,” he continued. “It’s not just about buying a tool, but the need to build a program behind it as well. The partners not only sell the tool but have other ways of bringing value.”

The multi-tier channel program provides support for VARs, distributors, alliances and Managed Security Service Providers. 2024 program incents include: enablement and certifications, marketing and sales tools; specialized partner programs, and access to deal registration resources, marketing funding and product training.

“The goal in adding all of these new elements as to make things more strategic, but at the end of the day, what the changes do is make channel life real easy,” Bin noted. “The  channel likes this flexibility. We also need to sync between people in organizations to have more ways of bridging the gap.”

Existing channel partners include GuidePoint Security, Trace3, Defy Security, Optiv, EVOTEK, WWT, EverSec Group, Optiv, CSG, Macnica, Netpoleon and ANZ.

The Adaptive Shield Fast Forward Partner Program will be on display during the RSA Conference 2024 this week at booth #1455, Moscone South Expo.