Genesys’ Canadian channel partners becoming increasingly strong growth component

Over the past several years, Genesys has increased the partner share of their business, has broadened the type of partners they work with, and is now increasing its Canadian partner focus.

Amy Slater, Global head of partner ecosystem at Genesys

DENVER – While the key news at Genesys’ Xperience 2024 here involved their technology strategy, the company also paid significant attention to their global channel partners. Genesys’ channel leadership team reviewed their partner strategy going into the event, including their increased emphasis on the Canadian market.

“We have over 90 partners sponsoring this event,” said Amy Slater, Global head of partner ecosystem at Genesys. “I lead our global partner ecosystem on the GSI side – the Deloittes and CapGeminis of the world. I’m also responsible for ISVs and other key parts of the channel. Alex [Lewis, Senior Director, Partner Sales Genesys] has about 10 named VARs. We have many more partners than that but we focus on the 10 that drive a good portion of that business. We have looked at 1000s of partners, and most of them do a small number of transactions each year. TSD [Technology Services distributors]  have been critical in our approach. We weren’t a first mover in this, but these master agent distributors have these deep client relationships, with the smaller companies who don’t cover overhead or service.”

“We are focusing on a fewer number of partners who are more strategic to your business,” Lewis said. “You can join us anywhere on the journey, but we want partners who can enable these conversations. We start backward and move forward to enable the right solution.”

Most current partners are along on the ride with Genesys, although the stage different ones have reached vary considerably.

“The old partners who have not wanted to take this step have opted out,” Slater said. “We’re working with the partners that are moving to the cloud. Our ask of them is how they show up in the marketplace.”

Slater said that partners who have made the move are seeing newer types of opportunities.

“What I think we are seeing in this new era of Genesys is it creates more room for partners to advance themselves,” she stated. “It’s not rack and stack. It’s solving a problem across an enterprise.”

Slater said that Genesys is also encouraging partnerships between themselves and multiple partners around specific deals. These could be a major ISV like Salesforce, A GSI, or even a VAR.

“We call them a triple play,” she stated. “It’s new muscle for Genesys to have more of these triple plays.”

Two key strategic partnership also got a lot of partner attention at the event. One is the CX Cloud Agreement with Salesforce announced last year, which was still the subject of intense interest at the event. The other was a new partnership with ServiceNow announced a week ago.

Alex Lewis, Senior Director, Partner Sales Genesys

“These were both driven by customer requirements,” Lewis stated. “We want to be the hub for both ServiceNow and Salesforce.”

Slater indicated not to expect a flurry of this type of announcement.

“These relationships create exponential opportunities for our partners, but they are something that only makes sense for the key alliance partners,” she said. “It has to be deliberate and meaningful. How many SaaS companies out there make sense for us to partner with? Maybe half a dozen?”

Slater recapped recent partne activities.

“We did a first wave Partner Advisory Board personally almost a month ago,” she said. “We keep our VARs well informed, including a LinkedIn group. At the Advisory Board, we spent a lot of time listening to what they care about, typically what the best way for them to engage with us is.”

“At the Board this year, we had a session on how to take advantage of other partners’ skills,” Lewis said. “They all compete with each other but will share high level perspectives on their verticals.

Canada is a key to Genesys’ channel growth.

“As we look across the North American environment, we look on Canada as one of our key expansion segments,” Lewis said. “The channel is the key to growth  in Canada and we are making a significant investment there.”

“There is a big focus on Canada,” Slater said. “I put a couple of dedicated teams in Canada because of the important of that, one of which focuses on GSIs and one on ISVs.”