Gradient MSP announces select availability of SaaS solution StackTracker

StackTracker is the latest MSP Business Management offering from Calgary based Gradient MSP, building on their earlier solutions around Data Hygiene, Billing, and Alerts, and adding many new integrated tools to help MSPs better run their business.

Colin Knox, co-founder and CEO of Gradient MSP

Today, Calgary-based Gradient MSP, a leader in innovative solutions for Managed Service Providers, has announced StackTracker, which is designed to redefine the way MSPs track their business and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Gradient has slowly put together a portfolio of MSP-focused data. They began with Data Hygiene, a free offering which ensured the cleanliness of data in a database by checking records for accuracy and removing errors.

“It also looks at how fast MSPs are running,” said Colin Knox, co-founder and CEO of Gradient MSP.

“The next offering was Billable, which searched the billable search part of the MSP’s stack performing for them,” Knox said. “This was not just  a dashboard tool that can offer actionable recommendations to them or about how messy contracts were on PSAs.” StackTracker also introduces automated product usage tracking and near real-time data updates, complemented by comprehensive revenue, cost, and profit analytics. Its extensive integration catalogue combined with flexible data grouping, sorting, and filtering, plus AI-driven data analysis with performance trending offer unmatched business insights.

While Gradient MSP has also introduced an alerts model, it hasn’t seen a lot of use.

“We haven’t put a lot of focus on it, as we are still  focused on billing,” Knox said. “We have seen great growth as an organization, and Stacktracker was another opportunity to look around and leverage data to help MSPs grow. Now we have a catalogue of over 60 native integrative tools.” These include integrations with the most popular PSA, RMM, Backup, and Cybersecurity vendors, and are tailored for MSPs to power their growth with advanced reporting and intelligent recommendations for business improvement.

Knox said that Stacktracker’s name gave an excellent indication of what it does.

“That’s exactly what it does,” he indicated. “We connect to any product in the MSP stack. It sorts out a very muddy environment, and tells a picture of what MSPs think they are spending per category, and per vendor. We are now able to illuminate MSPS, with information that they have had but didn’t know where to look to get them.”

Knox indicated that Gradient MSP’s objectives are very specific.

“We aim to be cooperative,” he said. “We want to provide a higher quality source of data. Where we are different is that we are focused on the reseller side of an MSP. Our job is to help them understand where their opportunities lie – tuning it for profitability  by selling more services to the clients that they already sell to. This is more than a tool. It gives answers to questions.”

“With hundreds of thousands of software and hardware companies, growing to over a million by the end of the decade, MSPs require powerful tools to deliver best-in-class services to their clients,” said Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at analyst firm Canalys. “The permutations and combinations of products and services will continue to grow exponentially and MSPs will need to improve their tracking to make strategic, data-driven decisions.”

Going forward, Gradient MSP plans to expand their reputation beyond billing.

“That is what we are seen now, for billing, and we do help MSPs bill more accurately,” Knox said. “We will push that more as a solution. But there are a lot of MSPs who don’t bill for PSAs, so we want to be known as the ultimate partner for growth-focused MSPs. All of the intelligence side is AI-driven. It has been curated to see anomalies and identify gaps.”

Initial availability of StackTracker is limited to the first 100 MSPs. They will have exclusive access to leverage the new product first, although this will be expanded over time.