Prosimo strengthens multi-cloud network stack with Generative AI and Nebula AIOps for Multi-Cloud Networking

Prosimo’s AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking closely resembles their core product that the startup has sold the last few years, Multi-Cloud Networking for AI ,has been beefed up with the addition of Generative AI, while the other suite component, Nebula AIOps for Multi-Cloud Networking, is new with this release.

Mani Ganesan, Prosimo’s VP of Product Management

Today, San Jose-based startup Prosimo, a multi-cloud networking software, which makes a simplified multi-cloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise clouds with an integrated stack and consistent architecture that combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management, has  announced AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking. This sounds much like the product Prosimo has always brought to market. It is, however, a significant upgrade, which utilizes Generative AI to give capabilities that Prosimo says neither it nor its competitors have had before.

“Networking stacks have been in GPU clusters before, but to connect them, you need high performance switches,” said Mani Ganesan, Prosimo’s VP of Product Management. “That is not what we are talking about. Once those foundational networks are built, there is a layer needed on top, and that’s what we are announcing. When you consume services from multiple clouds, you need the layer and security built in.”

Most of Prosimo’s original product has been built into this one.

“We wanted the foundation of our workload to be exactly the same,” Ganesan indicated. 90% of existing enterprise customers are engaging in an AI project in 2024. 80%  of them want help with Day 2. This is where multi cloud network becomes a lot more important to policies, and empowers customers’ AI practices going forward in cloud operations.”

One difference however, is that while Prosimo has always had AI capabilities, these have now significantly upgraded with Generative AI.

“While in the past, we used more traditional AI, now all the LLM are generative AI” Ganesan said.

“Multicloud networking network for AI is also new,” he added. “Some competitors use legacy L3 or take you off cloud providers. Prosimo is a full stack approach, compared to cloud providers. who have networking tools, but who are confined by information around their own environments. In contrast, ours are now focused on Gen AI workloads.”

The Prosimo AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking consists of two parts. The legacy  Multi-Cloud Networking for AI was the foundational product. It provides the core connectivity, security, and infrastructure building blocks for AI workloads. This includes high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, multi-cloud connectivity, and built-in compliance and guardrails around Data sets for LLM.

“This upgraded multi-cloud networking for AI will help speed up adoption of AI,” Ganesan said.

The second component of the platform is new with this release, however, an is based on the Nebula open source technology.

“Nebula, the second piece, is new and is a virtual assistant that uses natural language to provide predictive recommendations,” Ganesan noted. Its AIOps for Multi-Cloud Networking facilitates fast observability, monitoring, troubleshooting, and cost optimization for cloud networking infrastructure.

Ganesan stressed that the Prosimo AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking is a powerful asset for all of Prosimo’s partner types.

“It’s not a replacement for what they have been selling,” he said. “Partners bring opportunities to us. An important one is GSI partners doing transformation products with Generative AI. The second bucket is MSPs and telcos who sold traditionally, but who want to be differentiated going forward third. The third group is bread and butter VARs, who also provide professional services. We have three partner buckets and this impacts all three.”