Infoblox strengthens DNA capability of BloxOne Threat Defense with new SOC Insights solution

SecOps Insights extends DNS capability to the InfoBloxThreat Defense platform, a move that InfoBlox says has strong appeal to customers and will make it easier for partners to keep them for life.

Cloud networking and security services provider Infoblox has strengthened its DNS Detection and Response solution, BloxOne Threat Defense, with the addition of a new industry-first, AI-driven security operations solution, SOC Insights. SOC Insights uses AI-driven analytics to turn thousands of DNS intelligence data and alerts into a manageable set of actionable insights. Through these insights, SecOps teams can stop attacks before they occur, reduce dwell time, raise the ROI of the existing security stack, and elevate overall SecOps efficiency and burnout.

“We introduced Threat Events a few years ago, and SOC Insights is an extension of this for DNA specifically,” said George Hope, Infoblox’s VP of Americas Partner Sales. “SOC Insights is an extension of Threat Defense, which turns it into a manageable set of insights to stop events as they happen, and it has been added to our BloxOne Detection and Response platform.”

BloxOne had an AI capability on this platform before, but it has now been significantly enhanced.

“We have always had it to enable to block suspicious and malicious sites, but we have now extended that,” Hope said. “We extend what we do from an AI perspective into taking all the alerts from all the various sources. It keeps the customer from having to figure out where to focus.”

A major key is here their focus on DNS.

George Hope, Infoblox’s VP of Americas Partner Sales

“90% of breaches are DNS, and we have been doing that for a decade,” Hope indicated. “Other tools focus on their core area, but their perspective is different. “We have all the DNS fees in, and then we bring other feeds in as well. It’s not just our own sources. This lets us focus on whole issues better than the rest of it companies in this space.”

The result, InfoBlox believes, will be a future where AI-driven analytics and DNS driven intelligence redefine SecOps efficiency, and bring the company to the forefront of this sector.

“This is something that all BoxOne users can make use of,” Hope said. “Because it is designed as an extension, any Threat Defender customer can extend it, bringing  SOC Insights to it.”

Hope emphasized how this is a particularly good partner opportunity.

“The partner opportunity is to integrate and automate and automate a solution based on other solutions using this, he said. “It lets them crack the code and automate some of those solutions. The channel sees us as a heritage of network speciality offering, but with this, they are now seeing there are enormous opportunities. We can add 6-7 figure ARR deals with this, and we can also provide  them with the opportunity to wrap significant services around their offerings. It means 20% margins in a business growing at 25% annually.”

Hope noted that a large number of their channel partners are already well informed about SecOps because they are already familiar with Threat Defense.

“They are up to speed on the things they have been selling.” Hope said. “Customers are willing to buy now. The proof is in the pudding. There has been an acceleration of adoption, and customers are seeing a lot of value to it.”

Hope stressed that this has a good chance to become long term value.

“There s a great opportunity from an incremental business perspective,” he said. “It’s ridiculously sticky. They can become customers for life.”