Moovila sees strong opportunity for MSPs with their automated project and resource management solution

Moovila showed off their automated Perfect Project solution at the recent IT Nation Connect event, offering MSPs a project management solution that overcomes the traditional limitations of such solutions that require significant human intervention.

Mike Psenka, Moovila’s founder and CEO

At the recent IT Nation Connect event in Orlando, Moovila, a ConnectWise integration partner, took their messaging and Perfect Project solution around autonomous project monitoring and management [APMM] to the assembled MSP partners. APMM consists of processes and tools that will oversee and manage projects in an automated manner, rather than relying on less efficient human intervention.

“We were founded in 2016, and we realized that there was a real opportunity to bring automation into project management,” Mike Psenka, Moovila’s founder and CEO, told ChannelBuzz. “Despite the effort involved, many projects still fail. We looked at why, and we discovered two things.”

Both relate to the limitations innate to humans.

“The first is that humans suck at probability,” Psenka said. “There’s a probability drain that breathes down their neck when they start, and  nobody knows about this.”

The second issue is the number of variables that traditional project management tries to manage creates bad project data.

“A person can’t do all the discrete math required, so the data tends to quickly become stale, out of date and no longer valuable,” Psenka indicated. “The bad scheduling data and bad quoting bubbles up to the business intelligence levels of the business, so that crucial business decisions are being made on bad information.”

APMM removes the need in traditional project management for constant human intervention in tasks like monitoring schedules, allocating resources, controlling the budget, and mitigating risks. It works continuously in the background, like many other technologies MSPs use, like remote monitoring and management and anti-virus software. This completely transforms how projects are monitored and managed.

“We follow 87 project management platforms, but we are the only one who does what we do, including having the only project debugger,” Psenka said. “It took us years and years of R&D to get this done.”

Moovila AI includes multiple AI engines, which include both sophisticated mathematical models and modern language models. For complex, quantitative questions that demand precise answers, there are a range of mathematical models and engines for accurate, data-driven, and interpretable planning. There is also an AI assistant built using leading large language models to aid users in navigating the software, managing their teams, and overseeing projects.

Currently, Moovila has one PSA integration, with ConnectWise PSA.

“We are a certified integration partner in the ConnectWise Invent Partner Program,” Psenka said. “We resource the accuracy of data inside the ConnectWise platform. They don’t have the ability to ensure accurate project management and we do.”

Moovila’s market leans to larger MSPs, but is not exclusive to that.

“We have both types as partners, but as you get bigger, it adds more value.” Psenka indicated. “Some of our customers are among the largest MSPs in the market today.”

The service is billed to MSPs on a per-user-per-month basis. They also sell on a direct to the MSP model.

“Because there is such universal appeal, like grocers, heavy equipment manufacturers and other types of end users, there are use cases that partners can use as a referral partner,” Psenka said. “That is something that we are exploring as well.”

Psenka noted that the IT Connect event had been a major success for Moovilla.

“This has been a great show for us,” he said. “No one else is even close to what we do.”