HYCU leads into AWS Re-Invent with broadened coverage of AWS services

The updates to the HYCU R-Cloud data protection program involve new instant data and configuration restores for multiple AWS services, including Amazon Aurora, AWS IAM, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.

Subbiah Sundaram, Senior Vice President, Products at HYCU

Data protection as-a-service provider HYCU has announced major changes to their HYCU R-Cloud data protection platform, which they introduced earlier this year to significantly broaden the number of SaaS applications protected by making it easier for them to autodiscover SaaaS applications. The new HYCU announcements ensure application data running on AWS services is protected across the application and supporting microservices development lifecycle.

“There are now over 30,000 enterprise cloud applications,” said Subbiah Sundaram, Senior Vice President, Products at HYCU. “Each public cloud vendor has lots of these services. All three of the big ones have over 2000. Most AWS reference architectures require a minimum of 12 cloud services, and some require many more than that. At the same time, less than 10 are protected by all vendors in magic quadrants, even though it’s easier to attack a SaaS application. At least 80% of the services in the public cloud are not protected at all today. We designed HYCU R-Cloud to protect this huge infrastructure at scale.”

Coincident with the AWS announcements, HYCU also announced that with these new AWS integrations, they have now completed 50 SaaS integrations, a significant number given that R-Cloud was only introduced at the beginning of February this year.

“That 50 data protection integrations is more than 10x the number of SaaS integrations of anyone else in the industry,” Sundaram said.

Sundaram also pointed out that this is exceptionally important for developers.

“A lot of partners have development on the services side of the house,” he said. .Typically, if developers experience data loss, they typically lose all the associated services for what they’re working on, requiring them to rebuild what they are working on from scratch. HYCU not only backs up and restores the data but also provide granular recovery of all the configs, and the associated services for each of the applications.

The HYCU R-Cloud Platform also provides something else that stands out, a fully managed backup and recovery service that delivers granular, item-level restore for SaaS.

“Partners are trying to help customers where any one failure could stop an entire application,” Sundaram said. “There is no native enterprise backup application granularity for any of the AWS services. We’re the only enterprise backup option for IAM, KMS, Lambda and CloudFormation. AWS does not cover these services, nor does any other enterprise backup vendor. We provide granular recovery for everything we do.”

This also lets HYCU R-Cloud protect applications used to design, develop, and build on AWS like Atlassian Jira Software.

“We are one of the most comprehensive of the Atlassian services,” Sundaram said. “With Okta, we support both of the Okta solutions.”

With the enhanced AWS support,  the HYCU R-Cloud Platform now delivers a fully managed backup and recovery service that delivers granular, item-level restore and cross-regional recovery for:

Core Compute and Storage Services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Lambda;

Database services including Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Aurora;

Core Platform Services including AWS IAM, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS);

Dozens of supporting SaaS applications that are critical parts of build and release of applications in AWS like Asana, Atlassian Jira, Jira Work Management, and Trello.