Impending enforcement of DMARC regulation in February opens up strong MSP opportunity

The DMARC email protocol, highly effective against spoofing, will be implemented by big service providers in February, and with very few MSPs using it today, EasyDMARC sees it as a great opportunity for MSPs, so much so that they are ramping up MSP presence in their Go-to-Market model.

Mike Anderson, Global MSP Manager at Middletown Delaware-based EasyDMARC

DMARC [Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance] is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol, which has been available since 2015. Until now, it has basically not been enforced while the Standard was being built out. That, however, is about to change.

“The big email sending providers have all announced that DMARC is being enforced in February,” said Mike Anderson, Global MSP Manager at Middletown Delaware-based EasyDMARC, who was in attendance at the recent IT Nation Connect event in Orlando.

Anderson said that DMARC has become a standard for email, particularly to  protect against spoofing.

“It is a little bit complex,” he said. “Companies don’t often understand it, especially MSPs. We have a very friendly service provider model, and that’s why we are at this show.

Anderson said that almost all MSPs are aware of what DMARC is. That does not mean that they are prepared for it, however.

“About 90% are aware of it,” he indicated. “The 10% are the ones who are going to be scrambling. But MSPs are just getting up to speed on capability. Most of the 90% do things manually or with basic tools. The vast majority said they need to get something going, because they have heard the news.”

Momentum has already begun.

We have seen massive growth in our MSP business. It is growing at 10x the rate that it was last year. The end of the year is a good MSP buying season. This is a velocity play, with a short sell cycle.”

Anderson noted that some of the bigger more complex tools like MxToolbox are too big and complex in their processes for this market.

“We compete more against companies like SendMARC and Valimail,” he said. “Our platform takes data and gives visibility, command and control. Some other companies don’t have more than basic visualizations, while others have limited and hard to use toolsets. Our platform is easy to read, and very intuitive, and it comes with a marketing enablement program. We make it easy for them to get started, and there is a low price point.”

Anderson said that IT Connect had been a very successful show for them.

“We signed up people right off the floor,” he said. “From my experience at these events, I know that show specials are critical. Signing people up at the show was one of our main goals.”

MSPs are a critical part of EasyDMARC’s plan to transition to at least channel by 2025.

“About 70% of our business is direct today,” Anderson said. “We expect it to be at parity in the next 12-18 months as MSPs adjust to DMARC. We also have other types of channel partners like Insight, CDW and SHI who resell our product, but we are really putting an emphasis on MSPs.”

Growth in Canada for EasyDMARC has also been strong.

“We have dozens of MSPs in Canada.” Anderson said. “We will have 600 at the end of the year, and we had 60 at the end of last year. Our marketing team built a massive lead engine. Our marketing enablement for partners lets them be successful.”