Intel reaches out to ISV ecosystem to design new AI use cases with AI PC Acceleration Program

Intel is looking to the new program as a key part of their PC AI Go-to-Market strategy, to turn Intel’s new AI technology innovations into an extremely broad portfolio of use cases.

Andrew Marsee, General Manager of the Intel Partner Alliance

Intel has followed up on the new AI PC use initiatives they announced earlier this month at their Innovation 2023 event with the launch of the AI PC Acceleration Program. More generally, the program is designed to spur the growth of AI PCs by about 100 million by 2025. Specifically, it is designed to recruit and support ISV partners so that they can expand the market with the design of new use cases. It thus complements the upcoming launch of Intel Core Ultra processors for this market, which Intel has been heavily promoting, and which is coming on December 14.

“Our partner ecosystem is what turns all these building blocks into products,” said John Kalvin, GM of Global Partners, and VP of the Sales, Marketing and Communications Group. “We are focused on the growth sectors of the market with our partner ecosystem. We want partners to be able to get their solutions to market faster.”

“Intel is investing in the future, and in my opinion, inventing the future,” said Andrew Marsee, General Manager of the Intel Partner Alliance. “A couple of years ago, we really started focusing on ISVs, so they develop on Intel software, and we now have over 1000 ISVs engaged. More ISVs now also get account coverage.”

This new AI PC Acceleration program is actually an extension of the Intel Partner Alliance’s AI Accelerator Initiative, which provides a programmatic engagement approach for more than 1,000 ISV partners to build, optimize and deploy AI solutions from the edge through the cloud.

“It is a natural extension of the best of Intel,” Marsee said. “It facilitates improved and streamlined collaboration, faster content creation, intuitive AI workflows and faster completion of digital virtualization tasks.”

The API PC Acceleration program is part of Intel’s broader process for bringing these new AI solutions to market.

“Our whole engine is getting ready for this,” Kalvin said. “The PC Acceleration program is to make sure we have these compelling use cases.”

“We have seven or more global OEMS at launch, and 40 local OEMs,” Marsee said. “We have invited the ISV ecosystem to reach out and engage us on this,”

The launch partners include Adobe, Audacity, BlackMagic, BufferZone, CyberLink, DeepRender, Fortemedia, MAGIX, Rewind AI, Skylum, Topaz, VideoCom, Webex, Wondershare Filmora, XSplit and Zoom. Many of them also submitted their own statements of support for the new program, along with details on how they intended to use the program to their and Intel’s mutual advantage.

Audacity, which makes downloadable open-source digital audio editor and recording application software, explained why this is a big deal for them

“We at Audacity are thrilled to be partnering with Intel to help bring powerful, open and, most importantly, free AI tools to a mass audience of AI PC users,” said Martin Keary, head of product at Audacity. “With time, we expect these kinds of initiatives to produce a new kind of creative environment for musicians, podcasters and audiophiles – a worthy successor to the traditional audio tools that have typified the last 20 years. We hope that this will be the first of many successful AI initiatives with Audacity.”

“CyberLink believes that neural processing units, like Intel’s NPU, will be key to delivering a whole new AI experience to users,” said Dr. Jau Huang, chairman and CEO of CyberLink, a Taiwanese multimedia software company. “We are closely partnering with Intel on NPU enablement and look forward to the benefits gained from integrated AI inference acceleration.”

“Intel Core Ultra enables Deep Render to provide 5x superior AI-only video compression for AI PC users, delivering unparalleled video quality equivalent to 5x faster home internet,” said Chri Besenbruch, co-founder and CEO of Deep Render, which just won the Intel Startup Innovator Award at Intel’s Innovation 2023 event. “Thanks to the remarkable NPU performance, Deep Render achieves lightning-fast, energy-efficient AI video compression on end-user devices.”

“The scale and magnitude of all these new use cases is exciting,” Marsee concluded.