Morpheus Data excited by collaborative potential in Dell Technologies hybrid cloud announcements

Morpheus makes a hybrid cloud management automation engine, and the development of infrastructure as-a-service offerings has led to them doing more business in the last six months than in the previous six years.

Brad Parks, Morpheus Data’s Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

LAS VEGAS –  Morpheus Data, which makes a hybrid cloud management and application infrastructure automation and orchestration engine, summed up the direct relevance of Dell Technologies World to them. They see the major Dell announcements around hybrid cloud as an enormous boost for their business, both in validating the value Morpheus provides, and in directly attracting customers, because Morpheus is a collaborative product with this type of technology, not a competitor to it.

“We have grown more over the last six months than the previous six years,” said Brad Parks, Morpheus Data’s Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, who talked with ChannelBuzz at the show. “There are two factors contributing to this. The first is that all these models which bring an elastic approach to hardware do so very well from the hypervisor down, but what most of them leave off is the cloud part of the cloud experience. For example, VxRail offerings are still from the hypervisor down. We are the last mile for a true hybrid cloud experience.”

This has led to the development of that second factor.

“Enterprises have reached out to us who are looking for a more agnostic approach,” Parks said. “They see us as hedging their bets allowing for the use of other portals and APIs without having to talk to IT. That’s the dream for developers. On-prem providers need to deliver an equal experience to the cloud, but most have stopped short. The new as-a-service offerings and their continued expansion have gotten more attractive to this audience, which means more revenue for us.”

Similarly, Parks noted that Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, even though it has still not closed, has helped Morpheus’ business as well.

“Since Broadcom announced their intent to acquire VMware, large enterprises have come to us,” he said. “They see us as a hedge against Broadcom because we allow them freedom of choice when it comes to hypervisors and public clouds.”

These factors have had significant impact for Morpheus on the product timing and its impact on their business.

“More IT operations are reinventing themselves as a platform or as being about platfom engineering,” Parks said. “That’s to enable developer self-service, and that’s why Morpheus was born as well. Four or five years ago, we would take our proposal to a prospect, and we would do a budget, but they didn’t have the will at that time to get it done. It’s the market timing that has changed.

Parks cited the importance of Dell Managed Developer Cloud, one of the three new cloud managed services that Dell announced earlier this month.

“It has been a good proof point enabling developer self service, and has hit the proof point for vendors as a result,” he said. I call this kind of managed service an adjacency for us rather than a competitor.”

Parks said that basically sums up their relationship around as-a-service with Dell, and other big OEMs like HPE and Lenovo that Dell does compete with in this space.

“We work extensively with Dell, but we also work with HPE and Lenovo,” he emphasized.

Parks also indicated that their messaging around this point has found a particular resonance in Europe.

“About 50% of our business is in North America, while about 40% is in EMEA and the rest is in all the other geos,” he said. “I have found many European enterprises were ahead of the curve when it came to automation, that partners there take a much more consultative approach to the sale. In the U.S., many partners still do well selling hardware.”