HP doubles down on hybrid product and experience with CES announcements

New products with commercial market appeal include new All-in-Ones, an expanded DragonFly portfolio and new monitors covering hybrid workspaces ranging from the small to the very large.

HP DragonFly Pro series

The great majority of the announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show [CES], the industry’s traditional kickoff for the new year, are focused on the consumer market, not the commercial one. That’s hardly a surprise, given the name of the event. Sometimes, however, vendors make a significant number of commercial announcements as well. That was the case this year with HP at CES, where they unveiled a selection of All-in-Ones, notebooks, monitors and other product which will have significant commercial market appeal. They also emphasized the focus this year on improved hybrid user experience, which will have equal applicability in both consumer and commercial markets.

HP’s theme at CES this year is that they are recharging hybrid by delivering new technologies and innovations that empower people to contribute from anywhere, collaborative with anyone, and connect everywhere.

“Our products have always been beautiful and amazing, but now they have a sustainable DNA,” said Stacy Wolff, Global Head of Design and Sustainability at HP. “Our chassis are now 40% recycled material.” Other sustainability enhancements include an increase in pallet density by 66%, and an increase to 50% recycled aluminum in the display cover.

Wolff emphasized the sustainability enhancements in the new HP 24 and 27 inch All-In-One PCs, and the HP 14 inch Laptop PC – Eco Edition.

“The 14-inch Eco Edition is the perfect balance between mobility and sustainability,” Wolff said. “The plastic parts are now 50% PCR [post consumer recycled] and we have added used cooking oil embedded into some of plastic parts. It betters the planet and also betters the product. We have reinvented the All-in-One to be the most sustainable product in the market.”

Tylitha Stewart, VP and Global head of consumer subscriptions and services at HP, then introduced the expanded Dragonfly family.

“These are not simply new devices,” she said. “Their customers are more focused on experiences we want customers to have. We know the PC buying processes can be frustrating. They want a simple, approachable device that makes their life effortless. Time is money for this group. They want new experiences, not just new devices, and want to simplify choices.”

The extended DragonFly family of devices includes two new laptops. The DragonFly Pro series, and the HP DragonFly Pro Chromebook

HP DragonFly Pro Chromebook

“We’ve completely reengineered how we think about the products, to satisfy our customers, down from the silicon, and wrapped in the full support experience,” Stewart said. That premier sensory experience includes a haptic trackpad, more responsive touchscreen, more comfortable keyboard, and all-day battery life.

Stewart described the new HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook as easy to ease, but with all the bells and whistles.

“We took the best of the Chrome OS and designed a 14-inch Chromebook with it,” she said. She noted that it can easily adopt to phone use, and that it has a battery life of up to 11 hours.

“The new DragonFly Pro is a 14-inch windows 11 PC that delivers elevated circumstances and simplifies things,” Stewart added. It stays cool and nearly silent under any condition, and has ‘always there’ support with 24/7 buttons, and longer battery life, which checks in at 16 hours.  The four hot keys allow accessing the control centre to adjust most common settings, provide live concierge support, provide centralized video collaboration and support and optimize workflow to make navigation simpler.”

Stewart also noted how the new products are based in deeper and more Ingrained collaboration with hardware vendors.

“With these, we are working with AMD, and AMD’s multitasking though its platform management framework performance,” she said. “It is optimized for all scenarios including thermals, and is delivered in a quiet, cool and non-intrusive way.

“This is a completely new level of support from HP – round the clock,” Stewart concluded. “We believe this sets a new standard that will continue to evolve with different products.”

Other highlighted new offerings, designed for hybrid work, include new versions of the ‘thin and lite’ HP EliteBook 1040 G10 and HP Elite x360 1040 G10, as well as the new generation of the DragonFly G4, the first business notebook to support simultaneous use of two cameras to support dual video streams and camera switching so users can easily show their faces and an object or a whiteboard at the same time, picture-in-picture, or side-by-side. Also new is Auto Camera Select, which uses intelligent face tracking to recognize which camera a user is facing to keep audiences engaged without breaking eye contact. HP Keystone Correction  makes sharing a whiteboard or a physical document easy by automatically cropping and flattening images from the camera feed with a single click. HP Be Right Back lets users change their video feed to a still picture without disrupting meetings when they need a break. Finally, with Intelligent Hibernate, the PC learns your usage pattern and when you are done work, it goes into hibernation mode to minimize power drain, then goes back on the next morning.

Ann Lai, Global Head and VP of Display Solutions, then introduced new E series monitors designed for hybrid workspaces.

The HP E45c G5 Monitor

“They offer choice of between 21.5 and 45 inches which fit almost every office setup,” she said. “They also provide more clarity and resolution to provide more virtual real estate and more detail.” The largest is the HP E45c G5 curved Monitor, which can replace two 24-inch QHD monitors with one massive 44.5-inch diagonal monitor with the new Virtual Dual Display  feature.

“It creates dual displays with a single screen – right down the middle,” Lai said.

For home workers, learners, and entertainment users, the HP M24h and M27h FHD Monitors upgrade home setups with improved ergonomics to find their perfect posture and viewing angle, so users always feel their best. It’s also the world’s first monitor series with a comfort setup guide through integrated display software.

Other announcements include the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series lineup of pro-grade wireless earbuds, and the OMEN Gaming Hub, the first Windows PC manufacturer with integrated NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

The HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, HP Dragonfly Pro and HP Dragonfly G4 are expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.

The HP EliteBook 1040 G10 and HP Elite x360 1040 G10 are expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.

The Poly Voyager Free 60 Series earbuds are expected to be available in March, starting at $299 at Poly.com and HP.com. It will also be available in a Microsoft Teams-certified version.

The HP E-Series G5 Monitors are expected to be available in January beginning at a starting price of $219 at HP.com.

The HP M-Series Monitors are expected to be available this spring for a starting price of $209 at HP.com.

The HP 620/625 FHD Webcam is expected to be available in January for $109.99 at HP.com.

The HP 14 and 15.6 inch Laptop PCs with AMD processors are expected to be available later this month for a starting price of $419.99 and $499.99 at HP.com. The Intel versions are expected to be available later this spring; pricing will be available closer to availability.

The HP 14 inch Laptop PC – Eco Edition is expected to be available this summer at HP.com. Pricing will be available closer to availability.

The HP 24 and 27 inch All-In-One PCs are expected to be available this spring at HP.com. Pricing will be available closer to availability.