MSP360 looks to slash MSP costs by adding forever forward incremental backup and intelligent retention to their backup

The company estimates this will cut costs by 20-25% for existing MSP360 partners, and up to 50% for those who switch from other backup products.

Brian Helwig, MSP 360s CEO

MSP360, which has built up their business from being a backup provider to having a platform chock-full of services, has announced the further extension of those services with forever forward incremental backup and intelligent retention. Both reduce storage costs, which the company expects will increase their appeal to MSPs.

Brian Helwig, MSP 360s CEO, said that the company is also benefiting from a return to normalcy where MSP attendance at events is getting back to normal.  This news was announced at the first full day of the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect event in Orlando.

“We are starting to return back to pre-COVID attendance,” he said. “The Kaseya event was great for us. People are starting to recognize how much we have grown, especially since we now have our full platform out. There is no need to look for alternative solutions, since we now have everything except a PSA.”

The forever forward incremental backup method creates only one full backup, followed by a chain of incremental backups, rather than requiring multiple full backups, as has been the case in the past.

“Forever Forward backup will accelerate the backup process in the way that it allows one solid backup out there, combined with incremental backups which only copy data blocks that have been changed since the last backup,” Helwig said. It is highly complementary to our new backup format which lets us retrieve files faster. We were told by MSPs that before, it was painful to retrieve image files, and they saw a 300% improvement. This is the next step forward. MSPs  only have to make one change and not have customers pay for storage they aren’t using.”

Intelligent retention helps reduce the storage services costs that come with a minimum storage duration limit and early deletion fees.

“It makes sure that you don’t breach the 90 day retention period, by keeping storage duration lower and adjusting retention settings automatically,” Helwig said. “With this, you don’t have files which don’t need to be there after 90 days, but which you are paying for anyway.”

MSP360 says that the new enhancements can lower storage costs by up to 50%, although the real savings will depend on the use case and the customer’s present backup environment.

“Those who will see the biggest benefit are those who are presently in legacy backup mode,” Helwig said. “Most of our customers who are already using us will see about a 20-25% decrease in storage costs. Our goal is to improve the profitability of the MSPs and protect their bottom line.”

What’s next on the MSP360 agenda?

“There are some magic tricks coming out of our sleeve in the next six months,” Helwig said. “Our Mac release was well received, and we had many sign up for our RMM based on that. The real big push inside backup, with storage optimization and scalability, will be in the next nine months. The MSP community will enjoy what’s coming out of our RMM and also our backup products. We will also partner more with AWS and Wasabi around cyberstorage – cloud based object locking storage – which we already support.”

While MSP360 sells to end users as well as MSPs, they have been strengthening their MSP presence.

“We have been doing a full launch to the channel in the last quarter,” Helwig said. “A lot of our business renewals go through the channel now, and we have had  very positive and motivating feedback. We now have six very strategic partnerships in place which help us in the enterprise, including CDW,iT1, Softchoice and NetApp. We are getting ready to go to market with an offering with NetApp, which will be a really good story for us.”