Anomali makes new Platinum Elite Technical Certification available to partners

The new training, which is a new part of the revamped channel program announced earlier this year, is much more systematic than what the company offered previously, and is aligned around the deep focus on services they are now encouraging partners to develop.

Chris Peterson, VP Worldwide Partnerships at Anomali

Cybersecurity company Anomali has announced the availability of its all-new Platinum Elite Technical Certification Program, a component of the channel program that the company relaunched in March of this year. The program gives all partner engineers access to the same technical curriculum offered to Anomali field and customer success engineers, regardless of their current partner level, and also provides the training needed to join the Platinum Elite tier.

Anomali was founded in 2013, and has been focused on the threat intelligence market with their intelligence-driven threat detection and response technology.

“In early 2021, we launched Match, a threat detection engine that quickly identifies and assesses the impact of threats on an organization,” said Chris Peterson, VP Worldwide Partnerships at Anomali. “Match gave us the ability to play in the XDR market as well. This March, we relaunched our channel program, and what we are doing here in announcing the availability of the Platinum Elite Technical Certification Program is making an enhancement to that channel program.”

Peterson said that the new certification program, like the partner program as a whole is based around four core themes.

“First, we have a real focus on partners who provide services,” he stated. “Second, we are focusing broadly on VARs, SIs and MSPs. This is a great fit for MSPs with an EDR or MXDR  [Managed Extended Detection and Response] offering. Third, we want to leverage partners’ ability to solve real world client problems. And fourth, we will align with partners’ goals around being a trusted security advisor to their clients who can deliver real value from a services perspective.”

Peterson pointed out that Anomali augments what service partners may offer from an advisory or assessment perspective.

“We add threat assessment to their offerings, so a customer can see what their attack surface looks like,” he said.

Today Peterson said that between 85 and 90% of Anomali’s business goes through partners, with the rest being largely legacy customers.

“On a global scale we are very focused on territories and companies that matter most,” he stated. “We don’t go into emerging markets. So we have good coverage with less than 50 partners globally, because we focus on the best of the best.”

The certification component of the new channel program is much more robust than in the old one.

“We launched our first channel program in 2016, but the program was pretty loosely defined,” “We introduced a revamped program in March with metallic tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum – and a Platinum Elite tier which requires certifications for entry.” That Platinum tier was announced and built out earlier, and the certifications for partners to get there is what is being announced now.

Peterson said that training and certifications in the old program were ad hoc on a country by country basis.

“Now we have invested in a team of people that write curriculum and produce deliverables and tech training, and who deliver them around the globe,” he stated. “Training in offered in different modules – on demand through portal, or for higher levels, with a live instructor over Zoom. It’s all backed up with labs and exercises done in a virtual environment in the cloud.”

Out of the gate, three certifications are available.

The Anomali Proof of Value Certified Engineer is focused on pre-sales technical skill development.

The Anomali Certified ThreatStream Engineer better enables partner engineers to deliver implementation and integration services for Anomali ThreatStream.

The Anomali Platform Certified Engineer lets partner engineers deliver implementation and integration services for the Anomali Platform.

“I believe we will be adding additional levels as the program matures,” Peterson noted.