3 cloud integrations every K-12 school can (and should) make

David Robertson, managing director and president of sales at Avaya Canada

Every school board differs in their approach to how much they want to rely on cloud technology especially when it comes to their Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Some prefer to maintain their premise-based solutions and experience the added benefits they bring, while others would rather choose to adopt more cloud-based technologies. Three popular cloud-based solutions that can be integrated to either your cloud or premise-based solutions include:

  1. Integrate calling into Microsoft Teams

For schools that leverage Microsoft Teams, a simple plug-in integrates with Teams to complete the platform by providing a full UC experience without the need to add additional Microsoft Teams based licensing. Premise-based customers, for example, can use Avaya Calling for Microsoft Teams. The application seamlessly integrates with the Avaya Workplace Client providing all the calling features users have come to expect such as hold, transfer, and conferencing. Similarly, cloud-based customers can utilize Microsoft Teams integration with the Avaya cloud app on their desktop for call control. And for customers who require users to work exclusively in Microsoft Teams but need to bridge the gap between their cloud or premise-based UC, Direct Routing is available. This provides organizations Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) access from within Microsoft Teams, while using their existing UC system and carrier services negating the need to add or incur additional carrier costs. 

  1. Integrate real-time communications into Google Workspace

A simple plug-in allows Google-centric schools the ability to enable communication in Google Workspace so teachers and admins can chat in real-time directly from their browser. Avaya telephony users can make and receive calls straight from their browser by just installing a plug-in.  

  1. Create an immersive learning hub for teachers and staff for continued learning and onboarding

Distance learning usage skyrocketed during COVID especially with the availability of real-time virtual classrooms, but what about meeting the ongoing continuing education needs of teachers, staff and administrators for policy, content, and practice updates? 

Spaces Learning from Praxis AI is a cloud-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP), powered by Avaya Spaces, that can be seamlessly deployed alongside any premise- or cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) to provide an on-demand, always-available repository of curated training materials and resources that can be made available as needed to the appropriate audience.

The platform further allows real-time/live collaborative learning sessions to take place and be recorded for convenient playback by teachers, staff, or administrators at their time of need. Couple this capability with pre-configured sandboxed training environments, a carousel-style of AI-curated self-paced content, and much more, and school districts can bring staff up to speed faster, with more engagement and retention, ready for what lies ahead. 

School administrators can upload and assign new or continued learning training materials such as updated policies or compliance requirements and track when they were reviewed and completed. Instructors can record and share their unique methods of teaching students how to solve a problem in simple or diverse ways, making it available for others to access across the district. Classroom exercises can be rated, and knowledge can be shared and documented for quick reference. Schools can create a virtual capsule of content that will serve them well for years.

Praxis’ Spaces Learning extends the value of distance learning beyond the K-12 student to every aspect of the educational institution – from teachers and administrators to school board members and even parents. In fact, it elevates the learning experience by making learning more immersive and engaging, and accessible to anyone. Challenging subjects like math and science can be presented and delivered in new and different ways which may help everyone better understand the content and concepts, whether a veteran educator or a parent trying to help a third grader complete a math assignment. 

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These simple integrations can make a fast impact in K-12 regardless of your overall level of cloud adoption. Sign up here for the free Essential level plan of Avaya Spaces for your classroom. Learn more about Avaya’s communication solutions and integrations for education and ask us how Spaces Learning from Praxis AI can elevate your entire organization.