Augmentt adds premium cloud security

Gavin Garbutt, chairman and co-founder of Augmentt

Ottawa-based Augmentt is looking to go up-market with a new Secure Premium edition of its security stack for MSPs, betting that solution providers will pay more for a solution that will ultimately let its technicians manage more customers than before.

Secure Premium comes on top of the Essentials bundle of Augmentt’s Secure, Discover and Engage components, offered to MSPs for $300 a month for up to 2,000 seats. The idea of efficiency is always vital in managed services, but it is crucial in today’s talent hiring and retention environment. Gavin Garbutt, co-founder and chairman of Augmentt, said the company’s tools already help technicians manage up to four times the seats they would typically be able to handle. The company’s goal is to get that multiplier up to ten times.

With Essentials, Garbutt argues, Augmentt helps MSPs go from around 200 seats managed per technician to between 600 and 800. The company will seek to reach 2,000 seats per technician as it adds premium services.

“My contention is that they’ll want to automate more services and get higher productivity with their technicians, so that’s what we’ll provide,” Garbutt said. “We want to get them to 10 times [their original productivity.] We want to get them to that magical number.”

The company promotes the offering as a set of tools that will “make it easier for MSPs to establish and maintain the highest levels of Microsoft 365 security, including expanded alert and remediation capabilities, the ability to control more configuration options, the ability to restrict the level of permission technicians have for customer security, and the ability for customers to close their own tickets. Secure Premium also supports MSPs in setting up rules for what alerts they want to receive on a per-customer basis or across their customer base.

Garbutt said initial customers would likely be MSPs more mature around their processes and those with customer accounts that need more advanced security, like financial services.

Augmentt Secure Premium is available now and is a one-click upgrade for MSPs in true SaaS fashion.

Underpinning the launch, the company announced it had reached SOC Type 2 compliance, which Garbutt described as “an arduous and expensive process” but one that he sees as key for SaaS companies.

“It’s critical for our credibility, and it also instills discipline around security in the company,” Garbutt said. “MSPs should know the tools they use are secure and tested by an external party.”

Now two years old, Garbutt said Augmentt is starting to show momentum. For most of its first and second years, the company was primarily focused on educating the market about its offerings. At the end of 2021, he said, that education started paying off.

“A little light switch flipped,” Garbutt said of the end of last year. “We went from dealing with the innovators to the early adopter MSPs.”

The growth saw the company go from 100,000 licenses sold to north of 1.2 million today, and Garbutt said that over its last quarter, the number of seats sold grew by 55 percent over the previous quarter.

“The channel is waking up to the idea that they can extend their services to manage and secure the cloud,” Garbutt said. “We’re making it very easy for them to get in.”

The company has focused mainly on Microsoft’s cloud services because that’s the bread and butter for many MSPs. But Garbutt hinted Augmentt would look to expand that footprint, suggesting Salesforce may be one of its first stops outside the familiar confines of Microsoft 365.

“We want to help them build that stack of security services across all of those key applications,” Garbutt said.

The growth and the idea of helping MSPs maximize productivity put Garbutt on familiar turf. The executive was the founder and chief executive of N-able in the early days of RMM.

“It’s exciting to be helping [MSPs] improve their business models again and helping to get them positioned for the future and growth,” Garbutt said.

Robert Dutt

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