Cybersecurity training vendor Cybeready launches next-gen training platform

Cybeready, whose training program is based on a philosophy of more frequent interaction with customers than their competitors, sells about half of their product through channel partners.

Today, Santa Clara CA-based Cybeready, which has been making an adaptive cybersecurity training platform since 2014, is announcing their latest generation Adaptive Training Platform. This version is specifically designed for the growing world of remote workforces, to help train employees there as well as on-prem work environments. It continuously trains enterprise employees to avoid cyberattacks in 38 languages across 66 countries worldwide.

“My co-founder and myself were originally running training for Israeli government regulated agencies,” said Omer Taran, Cybeready’s CTO and co-founder. “One of the things we noted is that it doesn’t matter how good the training is if you can’t make good use of it. So we set down to build something impactful from day one, which would be low touch, easy to implement and require little action from the customer.”

Taran emphasized that Cybeready has a different philosophy than other training companies.

“Ease of use is a requirement to training effectively, but customers need more than that, in particular frequency of training,” he said. You must be training employees on phishing at least 10-12 times a year. No one has tried to bring organizations to a state where this is really feasible. When organizations train twice a year, problems remain. Because we train on a monthly basis, we can pinpoint that 2% of persistent problem users and do something about them.”

While the platform has had a major update, Taran stressed that the core philosophy remains the same.

“Our core philosophy remains focused around continuous training,” he said. “What next-gen means here is the ability to adapt to organizational needs – to take the core philosophy and tweak it to better meet the needs of a specific company or department. We have introduced measuring performance based on Key Performance indicators.  We have also automatically adapted and distributed the training sessions to fit specific employees’ role, location, and performance, which also better addresses the issues of high risk employees and new employees. These are optional programs, but they only need to turn them on.” All of this is available out of the box.

“We have also improved the content with Continuous Awareness Bites, short bite-sized security awareness content modules that do not require a significant time investment,” Taran stated.

The language support has also been expanded, and with 100% language support for all content.

“It’s not actually the languages themselves that matter,” Taran said. “They can run our platform in their native language and send it out in any language. We now  cover 40 languages. Georgian will be the latest, this week. Anything in our platform can be run in any supported language.”

About half of Cybeready’s business goes through channel partners.

“These are not traditional training partners,” Taran said. “They tend to be security partners who want to extend their offerings. Some of them are more IT solutions or boutique solutions providers.”

Taran said that Cybeready has become more effective at managing its channel.

“We now have a clear understanding of how to work with channel partners,” he stated. “We just hired a channel manager who starts this week. We have also made marketing and investments in channel-focused events, which have been very lucrative for us. Our customer retention rate is very high, above 92% YOY, which is good for partners.”