MSP360 adds Wasabi Object Lock storage and $1 a month desktop image and file backup licenses for AWS Unified Billing

This latest extension of MSP360’s strategic partnership with Wasabi is scheduled to be followed up with others in the near future.

Brian Helwig, MSP360’s CEO

MSP360, which has built itself out from a backup vendor to a broader provider of IT management solutions, particularly for MSPs, has expanded their capabilities further with some additional services, as part of their latest version release. They have added Object Lock immutable storage with Wasabi to provide immutable storage capabilities for object storage, and have additional planned Object Lock integrations on the drawing board to provide what MSP360 believes has become a critical capability. Today they are also launching a new one dollar desktop backup solution for image and file backup licenses, which is exclusive to AWS.

The two companies have an established relationship together, including MSP360 Storage Powered by Wasabi in 2020.

“We were one of first to market with them,” said Brian Helwig, MSP360’s CEO. “We were able to bring a unified billing piece to bring everything into one billing solution, and we were able to do this at the same price as direct. We’ve started work on compute capabilities with Wasabi as well. We will offer Limelight, one of their compute partnerships, in the near future.”

Two months back, MSP360 announced an expansion of their relationship with Wasabi that expanded anti-ransomware protection with the addition of immutable storage. Now, with the Object Lock announcement, MSP360 is expanding that immutable protection to object storage. It is designed to prevent both accidental deletions as well as malicious ones like ransomware.

“This new offering gives them MSPs further confidence to deal with ransomware,” Helwig said. “This is another iteration for us of our MSP story that has an RMM and a storage component that protects the integrity of the backup.”

Other providers are also adding Object Lock capabilities through partnership or internal development and Helwig emphasized that the technology will be so critical going forward, that it is likely all of them will do so.

“If you are a storage provider that doesn’t have Object Lock, I don’t think you will be around for very long any more,” he said. “Our competitors either have added it or have it on their drawing boards.”

Wasabi is not MSP360’s only strategic partner around Object Lock.

“We have it with Amazon now and will be following up with BackBlaze after the first quarter,” Helwig said.

In addition, as part of the MSP360 Managed Backup 5.6 release, the company has introduced a new offering for AWS Unified Billing users.

“Available only to our AWS customers, this is a $1 a month offering which covers both desktop image and file backup licenses,” Helwig stated. The storage and backup licenses can both be purchased right from the MSP360 Web console.

Getting the desktop licenses for $1 a month requires signing up for MSP360 Managed Backup and starting an exclusive trial with MSP360 storage powered by AWS.