Kasten by Veeam adds on-prem Kubernetes capability with support for AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere

Kasten is one of the launch partners for the brand new AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere, announced on Monday, which will allow Kubernetes services to be provided on-prem as well as in the cloud.

Today, at the AWS re:Invent show in Las Vegas, Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery provider Kasten by Veeam is announcing the availability of the Kasten K10 Kubernetes data management platform in AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere. AWS Marketplace customers will now be able to purchase and license Kasten K10 to provide the same protection offered by Kasten K10 for Kubernetes applications on AWS to their Kubernetes clusters on-prem.

The new announcement leverages AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere, which was announced on Monday at the AWS Partner keynote by Stephen Orban, General Manager of AWS Marketplaces and Control Services. Kasten by Veeam was one of the launch partners who received a shout-out by Orban during his portion of the keynote.

“AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere makes AWS Marketplace more of a one-stop shop for customers who want to consume AWS in all kinds of environments,” Orban added.

Kasten was fairly deeply integrated with AWS on multiple fronts since its very inception, well before its acquisition by Veeam a year ago.

“Kasten K10 sits on top of the core clusters, and they either run as managed databases or open source databases,” said Gaurav Rishi, VP Product, Kasten by Veeam. “Kasten also integrated with them, and we had both a free version of our product with them and a paid one. That was the extent of integrations we had from a tech perspective, but we were also launch partners for AWS Marketplace.”

What’s new with this announcement is the ability of Kasten to leverage AWS new on-prem capabilities for containers to give much fuller Kubernetes support.

“There is actually about a 50-50 split between public and on-prem Kubernetes deployments,” Rishi said. “Customers do have the option of Red Hat Open Shift, which has a substantial on-prem presence. Others tried to script something themselves, but a hypervisor-based backup doesn’t scale well in a Kubernetes environment. This new integration takes it to the next level where you have two separate channels, cloud and on-prem, that are supported. That mobility is what people expect from Kubernetes.”

The new Kasten K10 license can be purchased through a second licensing option that is now live in AWS Marketplace – Kasten K10 by Veeam hybrid deployments. Terms are available for one month, one year, two years, or three years, and the hybrid deployment option can deployed in minutes within Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service [EKS] or Amazon EKS Anywhere. It also supports several AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Block Store [EBS], Amazon Relational Database Service [RDS] and AWS Identity and Access Management [IAM].

“The benefits are quite clear for the customers,” Rishi said. “We all see Kubernetes increasing, but now they are able to deploy it on any location with flexibility through AWS marketplace. It gives them a free hand to define how many nodes they need. That easy migration capability is key.”

Rishi identified other benefits include license portability, enhanced security (through vulnerability scanning, AWS Bottlerocket support, and transaction  benefits) and consolidation billing through AWS and their enabling of private offers through the marketplace.