Exploring the power of the Intel vPro Platform

When it was first introduced 11 years ago, Intel’s vPro Platform was all about adding manageability functions to the CPU. And a decade later, those capabilities are still front and centre. But today, vPro is about much more than that just the CPU. So while manageability is still a key benefit for customers and MSPs alike, there’s a lot more to it today.

In this edition of the podcast, we’re joined by Eric Chong, enterprise client technical sales specialist for Intel, to chat about what all is included in the vPro Platform today and into the future, and what it all means for Intel’s channel partners.

We discuss:

  • what all is included in the vPro Platform and its history;
  • what it brings to the stack around four pillars of endpoint computing – performance, security, stability, and manageability;
  • what vPro means for customers, both from an end-user and IT experience point of view;
  • what the manageability of vPro means for MSPs and other solution providers;
  • how many PCs in the market today are vPro Platform machines, and how it varies from the enterprise to the SMB market; and
  • where vPro is heading from here with the debut of EVO.

All this and much more in this edition of the ChannelBuzz.ca Podcast.


Robert Dutt

Robert Dutt is the founder and head blogger at ChannelBuzz.ca. He has been covering the Canadian solution provider channel community for a variety of publications and Web sites since 1997.