TIBCO kicks off virtual event with rollout of new Connect solutions

The new additions to the Connect portfolio include enhancements to TIBCO Cloud integration, a new TIBCO Cloud API management offering, and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X, which allows the messaging service to handle cloud scale levels.

Yesterday, TIBCO Software began their TIBCO NOW2021 virtual event with the announcements around their Connect portfolio. These included new automation capabilities around TIBCO Cloud integration, a new TIBCO Cloud API management offering, and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X, which the company is terming an upgrade of their traditional enterprise messaging for the next generation. New product around the Predict and Unify portfolios will be formally announced later this week.

“Our mission is to empower everyone to connect anything in any way and to run anywhere,” said Randy Menon, senior vice president and general manager, Connect and Cloud, at TIBCO, in his keynote introducing the Connect portion of the event. “It forms the basis of what we do, and lowers barriers to create and modify applications.”

Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy for TIBCO’s Interconnect Products and Technologies, got to introduce the new product to the virtual audience.

“We have an amazing set of product announcements,” Kozhikkattuhodi said.

These begin with TIBCO Cloud Integration, which adds new automation capabilities that let business users quickly streamline and automate key processes and workflows, to improve the efficiency of core business activities, such as onboarding, lead generation, and claims processing.

“TIBCO Cloud Integration also opens up the TIBCO CIoud marketplace to partners and developers,” Kozhikkattuhodi added. “This doubles the number of resources that are now available.”

Also new is TIBCO Cloud API Management, which is powered by the TIBCO Cloud Mashery cloud-based API Management service. It provides full lifecycle API management as an integral part of the TIBCO Cloud, with seamless connectivity into essential capabilities, such as integration, data analytics, process automation, and messaging. This evolves API management to manage the value provided by a business expressed as APIs.

“TIBCO Cloud API Management is now available to both existing and new TIBCO Cloud Mashery and TIBCO Mashery customers,” Kozhikkattuhodi said. It is accompanied by new innovations enhancing the developer pipeline and a new visual editor for API design and testing.

The final TIBCO Connect announcement was TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X, an upgrade to TIBCO Cloud Messaging that adds new cloud-native storage options.

“TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service has been the gold standard for enterprise messaging,” Kozhikkattuhodi said. “TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X is the next generation of enterprise messaging for cloud scale. It brings battle-proven technology to redefine persistence architecture to make sure Enterprise Messaging Service can scale at cloud scale levels.”

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X also enables open source solutions like Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka to be fully managed in the cloud, and now offers native support for JMS with a managed TIBCO Enterprise Message Service support.