Qumulo and HPE extend partnership with highest density file solution on market

The new ‘291T’ solution has 291 TB of NVMe storage, giving it 23% more density than any other competitive solution in the market today.

Warren Mead, VP of Channel and Business Development at Qumulo

Qumulo has announced an extension of their relationship with long-time strategic partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise [HPE] that has led to a new enterprise file data management platform with 23% higher density than any other solution available in the market today, making it ideal for very demanding workloads.

Qumulo, which has been in business since 2012, originally branded itself as an extreme scale-out file storage vendor, and while that is still their primary contribution, they have subtly changed their messaging to the market, to emphasize not just the scalability, but their ability to make the scalability extremely simple, in both on-prem and cloud environments. They are a long-time strategic partner of HPE, first partnering with them, and joining the HPE Complete program for strategic Go-to-Market relationships in 2017.

“I think we are growing 40% with HPE year over year,” said Warren Mead, VP of Channel and Business Development at Qumulo. “Quite a lot of our deal flow goes through HPE or HPE channel partners. The last two quarters, we have seen a big uptick in alignment with HPE partners and HPE GreenLake partners. That growth is continuing as we expand in Europe.”

Since the HPE Discover relationship began, HPE and its channel have pretty much been Qumulo’s channel as well, and that shows no sign of diminishing.

“It’s still the case,” he said. “Someone like Veristor is a great partner for us both. Advizex is a top HPE GreenLake partner that brings us into all kinds of opportunities. HPE also has a very strong cloud practice with AWS. What we love above HPE is that they initially bring us in to fill that gap around file storage, but once we come in, they find they can leverage Qumulo Shift to leverage data to a cooler tier on AWS.”

The new offering is a compact 1U form factor HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus 291TB All-NVMe Node that is purpose-built for the Qumulo software.

“That is its official name, but HPE calls it the 291T, for the 291 TB density,” Mead said. “The density is really the key play there. It has 23% higher density than any other solution out there, and we expect that it will compete very effectively with Dell EMC Isilon and with NetApp.”

Mead stressed that the 291T is very strong in hyperactive data activity markets.

“The major ones now are medical workloads, video surveillance, and video editing around media and entertainment,” he said. “These have been our strong legacy verticals, where HPE brought us into a lot of customers early on. For health care, Mead expects that a growing vertical for this solution will be financial services.

“That’s a newer one for us, he said, but the 291T is very strong for the computational-heavy workloads that finserv requires.”

The 291T is powered by using the latest AMD chips.

“They contribute to a great solution for hyperactive data,” Mead said.

The new offering is aimed at larger customers.

“This particular platform with its density has its sweet spot in the enterprise space and the public sector,” Mead indicated. “We do not see a lot of demand in the commercial market, although HPE can define that market pretty broadly, so some could fit in.”