Datadobi enhances training resources with new DatadobiDriven portal

The new portal reflects the increase in Datadobi’s offerings beyond their original DobiMigrate, and the need to provide partners and customers with training around the newer solutions.

Paul Repice, VP of Sales, America, at Datadobi

Datadobi has beefed up their training provided to partners and customers with the launch of a new DatadobiDriven Training Portal. It provides partners and end users with updated technical certifications, as well as other support and communication.

The training that makes up the DatadobiDriven program was rolled out in 2016, although it was rebranded as DatadobiDriven program in 2018.

“It’s more of a training and enablement platform, for certified engineers, certified professionals, and certified administrators, in ascending order,” said Paul Repice, VP of Sales, America, at Datadobi. “Moving up the tiers beings in more sales motion training. But the DatadobiDriven program is itself a supplemental tool within the larger partner program.”

The new portal reflects the fact that Datadobi’s offerings have grown, and now include other solutions where training had to be provided.

“Datadobi has moved beyond our original DobiMigrate offering around enterprise data migration, and has now entered into other areas like cloud, and data protection,” Repice said. “It has attracted a lot of different types of partners, particularly in the digital space, whose primary business mode is not based around data migrations, but rather other areas like data protection and data compliance.”

With the changes in the DataDobi portfolio, the content available through the portfolio has been changed as well.

“Over half of the content has been refreshed or updated,” Repice indicated.

While the training provided has changed, the philosophy behind it has not.

“There are no changes in the requirements, and our philosophy continues to be transparent,” Repice said. “We get great feedback on access we provide to folks from an engineering standpoint. We don’t make abstractions in what we provide for partners and customers. It’s the same stuff we provide internally.

“The new DatadobiDriven portal is also designed to be as simple as can be,” Repice added. “Certified Sales Engineer for example, is only a couple hours worth of content.”

In related news, Datadobi announced they have expanded their partnership with CLIMB Channel Solutions – the distributor formerly known as Lifeboat – to provide DatadobiDriven Program benefits to its Climbing Club members, an exclusive tier of CLIMB’s channel partners.

“We are in CLIMB’s top tier of partners,” Repice indicated. “Many channel partner tend not to think of Datadobi first, so this added profile with their best partners will help us. We have done well with CLIMB, particularly in Canada, where a lot of product distributed through them has been very successful.”

The new initiative around DatadobiDriven is part of a general upsurge in Datadobi’s channel emphasis since Repice joined the company April 1.

“We have doubled our sales force in the U.S in the four months since I came on, and the majority of those are channel-facing resources,” he said. “We saw a growth rate of 25% between Q1 and Q2, the majority of that being channel facing.” The percentage of the Datadobi pipeline that now originated through partners is over 50% but it is all fulfilled through the channel.

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