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Cisco IoT Specialization for Cisco Canadian Channel Partners

By Jason Chung-Tung, Cisco IoT Sales Leader for Routes to Market in Canada and Giovanni Stea, Director, Partner Operations and Distribution Sales, Cisco Canada

Jason Chung-Tung, Cisco IoT Sales Leader for Routes to Market in Canada

Our partners and customers are experiencing transformational changes across their businesses and their personal lives. Because of today’s “Business Unusual” – customers have and will continue to move faster and more aggressively towards digitization, remote operations, and automation so they can deliver on their critical business resiliency plans.

Despite the uncertain times we are facing, partners need to find areas of growth. They need conversations and solutions that increase customer relevance, deliver an immediate and ongoing profitability impact, and ultimately make a difference. Cisco IoT is here to help!

There is a $4B TAM for IoT globally and Cisco currently is number one in Market Share at 25%. This Market’s expected growth is 15-20%; this is much faster than traditional enterprise networking. Cisco IoT offers a unique opportunity for partners; besides the substantial market opportunity, IoT can help increase partner profitability. Every dollar spent in IoT brings in $4.20 of pull-through revenue through adjacent architecture sales and professional and managed services. Combined with a less competitive market and fewer partners in this space, doors to increased profitability can open.

Cisco Investments in IoT Partners

Giovanni Stea, Director, Partner Operations and Distribution Sales, Cisco Canada

Cisco has recognized IoT as an opportunity to use our Force Multiplier, our partners, to capture new market share. As a result, we have made some significant investments with our programs to help increase profitability and build out our partners’ capabilities which include: 

  1. New Simplified IoT Specializations– IoT Essentials and IoT Advantage
  2. A new training curriculum to build out partner IoT practices
  3. New IoT Portal with essential Information to build and optimize your practice (IoT Partner Portal)
  4. Improved profitability with increased incentives in VIP and MIP

Our Distribution Partners Can Help

Distributors continue to add value and support partners in building out their Cisco practice. IoT is no exception. Our distributors are here to guide you through this journey.

Cisco distributors are uniquely positioned to broker a multi-vendor sourcing relationship between the end-customers/resellers/integrators and the vendors/manufacturers of technology. As an orchestrator leveraging multiple business units, they help partners build successful IoT practices by leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the market and vendors that add value to making the end-to-end solution.

Additionally, they support partners in building their practice with training, enablement, and marketing support through demand generation and operational and pre-sales support.

There is a HUGE opportunity in front of us so, together, we need to act NOW.

To find out more about what Cisco is doing in IoT please join us at

Cisco IoT Connect February 25, 2021 10:00AM EST. Registration is now open.

You can also get more information at Cisco SalesConnect or by reaching out to your preferred distribution partner.

About the Author

Jason Chung-Tung is the Routes to Market Sales Leader at Cisco Canada. Jason helps Cisco Partners develop a successful IoT Practice within their organization and helps accelerate the monetization of Cisco IoT Solutions. 

Giovanni Stea is the Director of Partner Sales focused on accelerating Cisco practices with Distribution and VAR partners in Canada. 

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