What you need to know about email account takeover attacks

Mark Ballegeer, systems engineer at Barracuda MSP

Email account takeover has been the tactic behind some of the biggest security breeches of recent years. It’s a “popular” approach amongst bad actors, can be very long-lived as a breach, and very hard to detect.

So what can MSPs do to keep their customers safe?

We tackle those questions with Mark Ballegeer, systems engineer at Barracuda MSP in this edition of the podcast.

We discuss:

  • what constitutes an ATO attack;
  • why takeover is such a frequently-used approach to infiltrating victims;
  • why takeovers are so hard to detect and why they tend to be long-lasting exposures;
  • some recent examples of high-profile attacks that featured the account takeover;
  • why many approaches to email security don’t provide adequate detection of would-be takeovers;
  • how MSPs can help protect their customers against the threat of email account takeover attacks; and
  • why a multi-layer email security strategy is the way to go.

All this and much more in this edition of the ChannelBuzz.ca Podcast.


Robert Dutt

Robert Dutt is the founder and head blogger at ChannelBuzz.ca. He has been covering the Canadian solution provider channel community for a variety of publications and Web sites since 1997. 

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