NetEnrich announces availability of Intelligent SOC service

The Intelligent SOC offering, which is fully available to NetEnrich partners, both lets customers pick and choose the specific security services they want, while also driving higher levels of automation to minimize noise and reduce mundane workloads.

Today, Netenrich is announcing the availability of its new Intelligent SOC service to provide both MSPs and end users with greater choice, flexibility and the ability to scale as their needs evolve.

Netenrich has been a long-time provider of optimized IT services, and has recently added a deep focus around security, branded this as Resolution Intelligence, and made it central to their identity today.

“We are really driving a public message around the concept of Resolution Intelligence,” said Justin Crotty, Senior Vice President at NetEnrich. “It’s about how we move from traditional IT operations infrastructure management where you tackle problems and resolve them through manual routing of tickets. Resolution Intelligence combines AI ops and machine learning with traditional human intelligence in a way that lets partners or CIOs or CISOs drive security operations in a more cost-effective or labour-effective way of engagement. They can choose the level of intelligence they want to deploy.”

The Intelligent SOC offering takes this to the next level, lets customers choose the specific security services that are right for them, and makes things easier for the customer by driving much higher levels of automation.

Justin Crotty, Senior Vice President at NetEnrich

“The intelligent SOC is AI and machine learning and human intelligence brought together to be very flexible.” Crotty said. ““Things like automating low level alerts are not a new concept. We aren’t smashing atoms here. But the effective ability to consume in that way is not as broad as you might think. Security up till now has been a check list approach, where you just check all the boxes. It’s now time to actively drive automation while offering clients pay-as-you-grow flexibility. This is why we drive Resolution Intelligence. Over time we have to automate the mundane workloads, because device noise overwhelms the IT teams.”

Netenrich ISOC service entitlements include workload offerings around Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI), external risk assessment, vulnerability assessments, proprietary threat intelligence, managed SIEM featuring IBM QRadar, advanced analytics, and endpoint detection and response.

“We designed this for a couple specific segments of the market where we think the need is greatest – the midmarket and small enterprise space,” Crotty said. “These are the 250 million to 3-4 billion dollar companies. Many of these organizations don’t have proper resources These are organizations where security is a significant concern and we think there is a tremendous opportunity to help them scale their security posture over time and do it cost effectively. Over time, we drive more cost effective management of the security profile. Driving automated resolution leads to a lower cost for the customer long term.”

The Netenrich Intelligent SOC is available to partners in a variety of service models, including white label SOC or SOC services.

“Channel partners who can go in there to these customers and reduce anxiety and deliver a more effective solution – they will pay attention,” Crotty said. “There’s margin in that anxiety reduction.”