Cybereason, Oracle announce strategic partnership

Oracle becomes Cybereason’s preferred cloud platform, while Cybereason’s cybersecurity is integrated into the Oracle cloud, and the two companies will engage in joint Go-to-Market efforts.

Yonatan Striem-Amit, Cybereason’s CTO

Oracle and cybersecurity vendor Cybereason have engaged into a strategic alliance which will see Cybereason adopt the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure [OCI] as its preferred platform to power the Cybereason Defense Platform.

“This is a joint offering for companies looking to transition to the cloud, where the challenge is how to connect the dots afterwards,” said Yonatan Striem-Amit, Cybereason’s CTO. “With Oracle’s security approach with cloud, and us being able to connect the dots, it becomes a very compelling offer for cloud migration that is unique in the market. It’s an option for customers and partners that was not available to them before.”

Cybereason is headquartered in Boston, but their pedigree is in the Israeli Defense Force’s cybersecurity efforts, and they have been in business since 2012 making what would become known as an EDR [Extended Detection and Response] offering. They recently announced their expansion into the XDR space. They emphasize that their differentiation from other vendors who have entered the space in the last year is that their commitment to openness, rather than focusing on making it work as part of a broader platform, makes them more operationally efficient, increasing visibility and detection rate. Cybereason claims a ratio of one analyst to 200,000 endpoints, and a very high detection and response efficiency of 93%.

Striem-Amit said that the integration for the Oracle OCI, in which the companies have architected a solution to migrate and secure endpoints, optimizes their threat prevention and detection for that platform, and fits with Oracle’s strategy of partnering with best of breed players.

“Oracle has been pushing OCI very aggressively, and as part of that they decided they wanted to partner with more security-minded partners,” he said. “Oracle has put a lot of focus on creating security centres within the cloud with partnerships like this. They evaluated all the major endpoint security people out there, and decided that we best fit their vision for their customers. We did something similar, and discovered that OCI is a very security-focused cloud, and that they are differentiating it as security first.”

Striem-Amit said that OCI is particularly strong on data sovereignty.

“Data sovereignty applies more with global companies because it has many more issues that are applicable to them,” he indicated. “It’s important that a solution be aware of geographies and how to deal with localized laws. We believe this will be more critical as time progresses and we are well suited for that. For partners it gives more options around who owns the data, and the ability to offer customers control of locality.”

While OCI is Cybereason’s preferred cloud, Striem-Amit emphasized that they are still giving full support to all the others.

“We are not going away from the other clouds,” he said. “We are just strongly endorsing Oracles cloud.”

The two companies have an aggressive joint marketing strategy planned.

“We are working together with them to introduce each other to our customers,” Striem-Amit noted. “We had a couple of joint customers before the partnership.  We are working with our own sales teams and partners and Oracle’s to bring this to the market.”

Part of this also involves explaining the security advantages of OCI to their partners, many of whom are less familiar with it. Cybereason doesn’t sell direct, and their partners have been their entire route to market.

“Most of our partners are really security focused, and this is a great add-on to improve security,” Striem-Amit indicated.

Strategic alliances are an important part of Cybereason’s Go-to-Market, but they see the Oracle one as distinct for them.

“We have strategic planning with others, but we think they will be a unique one in terms of what they provide and access to the market,” Striem-Amit said. “Everything is unique, and there is a strong match around the culture and the passion.”

The integrated solution is available through both Cybereason and the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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