HYCU enhances SAP support in HYCU for Google Cloud

HYCU expects that the significant enhancement in the support they now provide for SAP HANA in Google Cloud will further enhance that solution’s strong momentum, which they announced was 600% year-on-year growth.

Tomorrow, HYCU which supports multiple native data protection solutions on its multi-cloud data management platform, will be announcing an update to their HYCU Protégé for Google Cloud. The enhancements are focused on SAP HANA.

HYCU introduced HYCU for Google Cloud in July 2018, and added SAP HANA support to it about a year later. Their Google Cloud platform has done well since its inception, with the company now announcing 600% year-on-year growth for its Google offering.

“HYCU for Google Cloud is a native solution built for Google from the ground-up, which has the same look and feel as the platform,” said Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products at HYCU. “It is like using any other Google service, and was built from the ground up to be multi-tenanted. The majority of the focus with these enhancements is around SAP, because it is a complex piece of infrastructure to protect.”

The enhancements begin with automated discovery, deployment and maintenance of Google’s SAP HANA BackInt Agent, which reduces the time needed to deploy, maintain and manage.

“This automates the updating of Google’s SAP HANA BackInt agent,” Sundaram stated. “We partnered with Google to automatically deploy this.”

Sundaram also noted that with this release, they have impact-free backup lifecycle management for SAP.

“We interacted with both SAP and Google to make it completely free on the production environment,” he stated.

Also new is an enhanced UI that gives SAP admins access through SAP HANA Studio and gives Backup Admins access through the HYCU Management UI.

“SAP admins now get persona-based UI access through SAP Cockpit as part of the BackInt integration,” Sundaram said. “This ensures that they will get the right context and the right information.”

HYCU also now leverages Google to provide 1-click SAP HANA infrastructure level DR and cloning across Google regions.

“This efficient cross-regional DR and cloning of the entire SAP suite lets you bring a zone up in a different region,” Sundaram said. “The customer doesn’t have to do anything special.”

More flexible point-in-time recovery of a complete SAP HANA Database has also been implemented.

“It now provides for local and cross regional granular recovery, including recovery to a different instance or a different region,” Sundaram indicated.

Sundaram also said that the backups are also now more cost efficient that before.

“Cloud aware dedupe and auto-tiering based on data protection policies cut costs significantly,” he noted. “HYCU can do this automatically based on policy.”

Two new enhancements, support for backup targets using Cloud Storage Bucket Lock (WORM), and air-gapped backup targets have been added for additional ransomware protection.

“We are doubling our ransomware protection with these,” Sundaram said.

HYCU is also announcing that Cloud Services Providers who have joined the HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program are pleased with the enhanced support for SAP HANA.

“We are excited to see a Backint-certified native GCP backup solution available for our customers,” said Fiifi Baidoo, Founder and Chief Architect at Ghana-based Google Cloud partner CLOUDPORT. “We’re supporting a growing number of organizations to migrate from their traditional legacy environment to Google Cloud’s environment and enjoy some of the unique benefits of the Google-SAP partnership. Hearing from HYCU that they’ve launched SAP on GCP Backup, was absolutely thrilling and the perfect way to close the gap.”