Pulseway makes patch management in its RMM software available as standalone solution

Pulseway is aiming Pulseway Patch, the standalone version of the automated patching they added to their RMM last year, at SMB IT departments and at MSPs who don’t use Pulseway.

Mobile-first RMM [Remote Monitoring and Management] provider Pulseway is making the patch management solution that it added to their RMM software last year available as a stand-alone patch management product. Pulseway Patch is being made available to both IT departments and MSPs who do not use the Pulseway RMM, because the company thinks that its advantages make it well suited to address the increased security needs of work from home environments.

“Patching and keeping the IT environment secure is critical to any business,” said Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s CEO and founder. “It’s more important than ever now because of the move to Work From Home and the increased vulnerabilities that it creates. It makes this a timely release for us, because IT admins need to cover Work From Home patterns.”

Pulseway first introduced this patch management solution in April 2019 as part if their RMM product, and Mihalec said that the feedback has been tremendous.

“Some MSPs have switched to our solution because of this, since our patching is simple and efficient and it works,” he stated. “Pulseway is based around ease of use, and this translates to this. It’s automation which is both simple and strong. You literally set it up and forget it.”

Mihalec said that the patching solution in the RMM benefitted from being quite new compared to other patching tools in the market, an advantage that Pulseway Patch now inherits

“Because it is new, the titles are relevant,” he emphasized. “Its not ICQ and lots of old things that just add numbers.” Pulseway Patch provides direct access to over 85 commonly-used third-party titles, with new titles added every week. Pulseway added the ability to create custom patches for additional titles to the RMM version earlier this year, and that is available through Pulseway Patch as well.

Mihalec also indicated that Pulseway’s RMM partners have no reason to feel hard done by, since competitors will have access to the same patch management solution they use.

“Our existing RMM customers will pay less than anyone having it as a standalone,” he said. “RMM pricing starts from 50 cents per endpoint per month, and goes down with tiered pricing. Standalone pricing is 90 cents and goes down from there with tiered pricing.

“In addition, making it available to more people means commitment to add more titles and features,” Mihalec added.

Pulseway Patch is mobile first, like the Pulseway RMM solution, so techs can remotely manage the entire patching process with their smartphones.

“We have an online strategy to promote this, including a free trial for 14 days, like with our RMM,” Mihalec said.