HYCU extends partner program to support Cloud Service Providers

HYCU broadens its partner program to reflect the extension of its cloud partnering strategy since it introduced its Protégé multi-cloud program.

HYCU, which supports multiple native data protection solutions on its multi-cloud data management platform, has announced an extension of their channel program with a new component for Cloud Service Providers.

HYCU has always had a 100% channel strategy, but the way they handle the cloud component of that has evolved, as they built out their offering from a purpose-built Nutanix backup offering to their multi-cloud Protégé platform

“When we started, the way we had originally planned  our Go-to-Market was that on-prem would be 100% classic reseller, and cloud was going to be the Google and Azure marketplaces,” said Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products at HYCU. “That was good, and it worked really well. But cloud service providers are also a significant presence in the cloud world. Our solution was well-built for them, but it just hadn’t been positioned for them. Protégé suits them well because they allow all this to be managed from a single pane of glass.”

The new Cloud Services Provider Program is the result, to specifically support this type of partner. Sundaram has said that it has several explicit goals.

“It is to help CSPs accelerate the customer journey to the public cloud,” he said. “It is to reduce the risk for the customer and partner in moving to the public cloud. It helps service providers keep operational expenses low and make it easy for them to scale up and down with customer needs. It also lets them deliver instant differentiation without any extra investment.”

The program has four key pillars, with the first being the ability to sell HYCU through a co-branded model.

“We already had designed in multi-tenanted and service provider support in from the get-go,” Sundaram said. “We have now extended the functionality by allowing service providers to co-brand, and have also fully self-service enabled for the end use, which helps the CSP by letting them offload that to their customers.”

Sundaram discussed their partnership with Florida-headquartered Forthright Technology Partners, one of the launch partners in the Cloud Services Provider Program.

“We have a completely co-branded solution with them,” he said. “They focus on the end-user experience, and they chose HYCU because we are cloud-native and purpose-built for each cloud. They also liked us because we are simple to use, and API-first.”

The API-first component is part of the second pillar, a streamlined operations capacity.

“The focused APIs are designed with the service provider in mind, as is the multitenanted capability,” Sundaram said. “Autoscaling services also lets them scale up and down easily with no extra work.” In addition, there are no pre-commits

The third component is advisory services to make onboarding easier.

Finally, the new program has pay-as-you-go pricing, simplified deal registration, and an easier route to advance from Authorized to Premier partner.

“Our focus is partners who believe in service-based managed services, rather than trying to host everything themselves,” Sundaram indicated. “Partners who believe in that model are the kind of partner we want to work with.”