Pax8 strengthens Veeam ecosystem with NewCloud Networks partnership

NewCloud brings Pax8 MSPs cloud storage and compute resources to support Veeam Cloud Connect, as well as simplification of Veeam licensing.

Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8

Cloud distributor Pax8 has launched a new partnership with global cloud computing services provider NewCloud Networks, to offer cloud storage and compute resources specifically around Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The NewCloud partnership is designed to let Pax8’s MSP partners go to market with a fuller solution around Veeam, with integrated storage and compute resources.

“Once we signed Veeam, there needed to be an additional option for someone who wanted the compute and infrastructure to put it in,” said Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8. “We needed a Veeam cloud connect provider that thinks about the cloud journey the same way that we do for MSPs.”

So what led Pax8 to partner with NewCloud? Both companies are located in Denver, and while that wasn’t a decisive factor, Walsh indicated that it played a role.

“There is a value in knowing them, and our executive teams know each other well,” he said. “But we had a short list, and they were on it. They are a Veeam Platinum partner. They were their highest growth partner in 2018, and are on their partner advisory board. When we talked to Veeam, they bubbled up to the top.”

Walsh also emphasized several factors which NewCloud brings, particularly their  NewCloud’s low latency, and the way that the simplicity of Veeam management, particularly around licensing.

“NewCloud has been very strategic in terms of where they placed their data centres,” he said. “It’s all about low latency. They also provide unlimited storage, with no additional bandwidth fees, ingress fees or egress fees.

“They are singing from the same playbook as us about simplicity,” Walsh added. “NewCloud also uses their portal to simplify Veeam licensing. With Veeam, license reporting does require some effort in reporting Veeam usage monthly. NewCloud simplifies the Veeam licensing by eliminating the need for partners to report monthly Veeam usage. This is something that partners had told us that they wanted. NewCloud takes that responsibility off partners. They are a concierge easy button for a Veeam solution, married to a low latency network – easy all the way through.”

Walsh noted as well that while there are many cloud computing services  providers, NewCloud supports both Microsoft and VMware virtual environments.

“Some cloud providers just do one, but not the other,” he said.

Pax8 will extend NewCloud’s abilities further through their cloud distribution model.

“What makes our relationship with them unique is the way we automate the provisioning of it all,” Walsh said. “We make it easy for MSPs to turn on that service easily through APIs through our marketplace. We know how to pull that together in our ecosystem.”

Pax8 will also significantly increase NewCloud’s exposure in the Canadian market. While NewCloud has data centres in nine locations across the U.S., they do not have any in Canada, nor have they been using Canadian-based colo facilities.