Teradici’s Cloud Access software is certified with Microsoft Azure Stack

Teradici is bullish about the impact of the new integration on their hybrid cloud business. They are also enthusiastic about another new partnership extension, with IGEL.

Vancouver-based Teradici, the inventor and provider of the PCoIP [PC over IP] protocol, has announced that their Cloud Access Software virtual desktop solution is the first third-party solution of its type that Microsoft has certified for integration with Microsoft Azure Stack.

“Teradici has a longstanding relationship with Microsoft and our Cloud Access software has been compatible with Azure for some time,” said Alissa Poon, Teradici’s Director of Marketing. “What we have announced now is that our Cloud Access software is the first third-party software that Microsoft has certified for Azure Stack. It’s a really nice story around hybrid deployments.”

As Teradici has evolved from a hardware vendor to a software one, these kinds of strategic partnerships have become increasingly important to their Go-to-Market strategy. Poon stressed that Azure Stack, an on-prem extension to Azure designed to facilitate the building and running of hybrid cloud applications, fits perfectly with Teradici’s PCoIP powered Cloud Access software. The combination provides secure, high-performance virtual desktop access from Azure and Azure Stack HCI or Azure Stack Hub, regardless of whether the user is accessing their desktop from an on-premises data centre or the cloud.

“It’s a great complementary story to our public cloud offering,” she said. “From our perspective, our Cloud Access Software and the underlying PCoIP is unique in its ability to solve use cases, so we believe that in the end, customers will choose us and Azure Stack.”

While pretty much everyone has been talking about hybrid cloud for the last two years, Teradici thinks that momentum towards taking action has reached a critical mass, which makes the partnership with Microsoft propitiously timed.

“We are seeing hybrid cloud trending in an upward direction, with customers following a migration path where they build on- prem first, and then start to leverage cloud to burst for other resources,” Poon said. “We have seen this in our long-standing PCoIP markets like federal, manufacturing and energy.”

Teradici is now on the Azure marketplace.

“We see this as a really important milestone,” Poon emphasized.

In addition to the extension of the Microsoft partnership, Teradici has also extended its strategic relationship with end user computing vendor IGEL. IGEL has just announced the new version of the UD3, their best-selling endpoint device, which is AMD-powered and now has the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1505G system-on-chip (SoC). This new UD3 is the first IGEL endpoint hardware to be optimized for remote cloud connectivity with Teradici’s top of the line PCoIP Ultra Software Client for Linux.

“IGEL’s OS has supported Ultra before, but it is now on a client with the refresh of the UD3,” Poon said. “Because the UD3 will include our Cloud Access software client for Linux, customers who have it will be able to connect to any PCoIP. This will also leverage more of our PCoIP Ultra capabilities.”