Strong health care opportunity in end user computing drives Goliath partnership with IGEL

Goliath Technologies, which provides performance monitoring for end user computing, and has a strong focus on the health care vertical, recently talked with ChannelBuzz about where they fit into the market.

Stacy Leidwinger, Goliath’s CMO

Multiple vendors offering performance monitoring specifically for end user computing were in attendance at the recent IGEL Disrupt event in Nashville. Philadelphia-based Goliath Technologies was among them. Goliath’s primary focus is on the health care segment within end user computing, which they see as presenting exceptionally strong opportunities today.

The company has been providing proactive, end-to-end IT performance monitoring since 2010. Thomas Charlton, their CEO, who had previously led several companies while working for Insight Partners, came to Goliath in 2012.

“The last two years is where our growth has really come from,” said Stacy Leidwinger, Goliath Technologies’ CMO. “We do end user performance monitoring and troubleshooting, but the company has always been hyper-focused on end user experience. Lots of tools will do a piece of what we do, but few look at it from the end user experience in the way that we do.”

Goliath also has a deep focus on the health care vertical.

“Our number one differentiator is in the area of health care, with a purpose-based model for all the major EHR applications,” Leidwinger said. “We monitor the IT delivery infrastructure in health care, all of those components plus the EHR systems plus end user behavior. That lets us identify if a problem is their EHR, or whether it is in some broader part of the ecosystem. We just had a customer struggling to log in. They had an old printer driver in group policies that was no longer there, so the system was looking for something that doesn’t exist. We were able to detect that.”

Leidwinger indicated that Goliath sells into other verticals as well, notably insurance and manufacturing, as well as into the MSP space. Their MSP partners are ones who leverage virtualized applications and desktops. They have a hybrid Go-to-Market model, with about 60% of sales being direct and about 40% going through channel partners.

“Cerner is one of our best channels,” Leidwinger  noted. “We are the only end user monitoring tool sold through them.”

Goliath sells into Canada, but does so out of the U.S. They do not have a Canadian office.

IGEL also has a very strong focus on the health care vertical, which accounts for the strong relationship with Goliath.

“We have a formal partnership with IGEL but it has never been announced,” Leidwinger indicated. “The partnership with IGEL is strongly focused around health care. It’s so impactful, because of all the consolidation in this vertical. This has resulted in bringing in new hospitals that have legacy technology, that they can’t integrate into their network, but that they still need to support. Goliath and IGEL have strong complementary value in health care because of this.”

Goliath also just issued the most recent release, version 11.8, of Goliath Performance Monitor.

“This was a major release, which makes troubleshooting easier for the IT professional,” Leidwinger said. “This release makes troubleshooting easier, faster and gives historical evidence to foster data-driven conversations. The historical aspect is a key differentiator. A lot of monitoring tools keep day or two of information. But many customers keep this information for up to six months. Keeping more of this data makes it easier to understand what the root problem is.”