Pulseway adds integrated cloud backup to their RMM solution

Pulseway expects strong MSP support for their new cloud backup option, which has different pricing for workstations and servers, and is fully integrated into the RMM for maximum ease of use.

Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s founder and CEO

Mobile-first RMM [Remote Monitoring and Management] provider Pulseway has had an agreement with Kaseya through which they make Kaseya’s Unitrends available as a backup option. Today, however, they are introducing Pulseway Cloud Backup, which provides a different backup alternative, one which is integrated directly within the RMM solution.

“We have had a good year with a lot of feature announcements,” said Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s founder and CEO. “This one follows nicely into what customers have been requesting a lot – a cloud backup solution that is fully integrated into our platform.”

Mihalec said that while the Unitrends backup option has been successful, many customers saw further advantages in having an integrated backup.

“We introduced the appliance-based backup with Unitrends, and during that process, we chatted with a lot of customers,” he indicated. “Many embraced the appliance, which works well for servers. But for workstations in particular, many wanted a powerful backup that fits right into the platform – and in one dashboard that they can control.”

Pulseway Cloud Backup is built directly into both the Web-based Pulseway platform and its mobile application, allowing flexibility in where it is used from. Mihalec emphasized that to be really simple to actually use, it has to be fully integrated in the way that this is.

“We’ve been working on this for quite a while,” he said. “It provides you with a real-time status of what’s going on with endpoints, provides a notification as soon as something is about to go wrong, and then lets you take action immediately. All you have to do is log in, select a backup job, point to backup, and set parameters on frequency and on reports. It’s simple. We do all the heavy lifting.”

Pulseway Cloud Backup also provides the ability to calculate a health score for backup jobs.

“We have a very useful dashboard that lets you calculate the score of how healthy every backup is,” Mihalec said. “This is part of the extreme ease of configuration and use because it is fully integrated.”

Mihalec expects significant demand for this new backup option.

“I think more than 60% of our customer base think that this particular Pulseway backup would be of great interest to them,” he said. “Over 500 people registered to see a webinar when it was in the design stage.”

Mihalec said that some significant features still will be added to the product, one of which is specific anti-ransomware protection.

“On the initial release, we wanted to get the fundamentals right,” he stated. “We already have the technology for ransomware. We see this as the last line of defense for endpoints. Backup isn’t the only defense against ransomware, but it’s the one that saves the day if everything else goes wrong.”

Pulseway is emphasizing that the pricing is also simple and predictable.

“There are no hidden fees,” Mihalec said. “Predictability is important for MSPs. “For workstations, we price per endpoint per month, with 30 days data retention, up to 1 TB, for $10/ month. Servers are a different model. We don’t price per endpoint but by the amount of data protected. Blocks of 500 GBs, with 90 day retention, are $52 a month. We also offer a one-year retention option, at that’s $57 month, and an infinite one, for $83 a month.”

Pulseway Cloud Backup is available now.

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