Netsurion, IT Glue partner to add documentation to EventTracker SOC as-a-Service

IT Glue was the overwhelming choice of Netsurion partners for the first EventTracker integration.

A.N. Ananth, chief strategy officer of Netsurion

Netsurion, which provides threat protection services for MSPs, has announced an integration between their EventTracker SOC-as-a-Service and documentation platform provider, IT Glue, which is now a separate business unit of Kaseya.

The new integration builds on the integrated offering Netsurion introduced earlier this year for MSPs serving SMB customers, in which they brought together their EDR [Endpoint Detection and Response] and SIEM offering as a unified solution on their SIEM platform, which is delivered as a managed security service.

“Larger customers prefer specialized tools for everything, but this is aimed at the SMB market, and it has met our expectations there,” said A.N. Ananth, chief strategy officer of Netsurion. “SMB buyers say ‘please deliver us from evil’ and being able to do it with an integrated Swiss Army Knife is welcome news to that target market.”

IT Glue is the market leader in IT documentation specifically for MSPs. The company’s acquisition was formally announced by Kaseya a year ago – two years after it actually took place. Being part of one RMM/PSA company has not impacted IT Glue’s operation as an open platform, however. They are managed separately and continue to do business with Kaseya’s competitors, as well as SIEM vendors like Netsurion.

“Our evolution from being focused on selling to the SME to also being a source for service providers happened about two years ago,” Ananth said. “When we looked at our customers within that managed services space, it was clear that many had ConnectWise for ticketing and IT Glue for documentation. MSPs said that all their documentation goes in IT Glue so it would be nice to be there. Doing this makes it simple for MSPs to adopt our service.”

Ananth said that the IT Glue integration will also provide clear benefits to MSP partners.

“We see four key benefits,” he said. “It allows a tighter security posture because you have a single view of assets and threats. It facilitates continuous compliance at a lesser cost, and reduces audit time. Because it is constantly available, you can save money by using junior people on it. It also integrates well into existing processes, which gives MSPs greater ability to scale.”

IT Glue and its reports also provides a key service for MSPs in keeping customers happy.

“MSPs says that their buyers tell them every month, ‘what are you doing for me?,’” Ananth noted. “IT Glue is excellent for demonstrating their value proposition.”

Ananth said that while some of their MSPs use Passportal, which is now owned by SolarWinds MSP, IT Glue was the name that they heard most often in terms of the priority for integrations.

“We are relatively agnostic in how we partner,” Ananth indicated. “We deal with others like ServiceNow, Kaseya and Remedy. Over time, no doubt we will integrate with other documentation solutions.”

This kind of integration is helpful to Netsurion in a fragmented market.

“One important thing about the MSP space is that it is highly fragmented,” Ananth said. “It’s not like telco. Here, you have a few relatively large players and then a very long tail of local, or vertically-focused providers. Many of those have added an S in their name to capitalize on security concerns. This benefits us as a vendor because at the end of the day, there are so many horses that customers can hitch their wagon to – from MSPs, to MSSPs, to ISPs, to copier vendors.”