Getting into IT asset disposition with Ingram Micro Canada and Reboot Canada [Podcast]

Keith Ford of Ingram Micro Canada and Frank Rota of Reboot Canada discuss IT asset disposition opportunities for the channel in this edition of the Podcast

Keith Ford, director of business development for ITAD at Ingram Micro Canada

When you’re delivering IT solutions to your customers, how much are you thinking about what becomes of the technology you’re displacing?

If the answer is “not very much,” Ingram Micro Canada would like to have a word with you.

With a growing focus on IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), the distributor is working with the channel in a whole new way. Instead of delivering new products from vendors to solution providers, this division of Ingram focuses on what to do with technology that’s finished its lifespan.

In this edition of the Podcast, we talk to Keith Ford, director of business development for Ingram’s ITAD business in Canada, and Frank Rota, executive director of ReBOOT Canada, a charity that partners with Ingram to help deliver end-of-life tech to organizations and individuals in need of an upgrade.

We’ll discuss:

  • Ingram Micro’s history in ITAD, in Canada and worldwide;
  • how Ingram’s ITAD business works with solution providers;
  • how solution providers can help meet customers needs, and add additional revenues, by embracing ITAD;
  • how the distributor works with ReBOOT Canada to help find second lives for technology that’s no longer wanted elsewhere; and
  • the distributor’s plans for the ITAD business in 2019.

All that and more in this edition of the Podcast.

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